Otolift: Augmented Reality Business tools

Otolift is a Dutch company that produces stair lifts which are sold worldwide through a dealer network. The stair lifts are used by elderly and disabled people. Sales representatives of Otolift make use of an Apple iPad in their sales process, with the app they show their customers what the stairlift looks like in their own home.
In addition to a visualization and configuration tool TWNKLS has developed a measurement tool. Measuring a staircase becomes a simple task with this solution, because of the direct (visual) feedback the quality of measurement is improved. This new method of measuring is very reliable and accurate and results in a reduced error margin and higher efficiency.
The measurement app generates a 3D model with a reconstuction of the staircase. This is used, without further adjustment, in the stair lift production process by the designers of Otolift.