3D model tracking

Augmented reality makes it possible to place information over a physical object as a digital layer. If you present this digital information layer in 3D, you can create the illusion of ‘looking inside the object’. One of the important conditions for creating this effect is that the object and the augmentation need to be perfectly aligned. For this reason, you need to know exactly where the object is positioned.

This insight can be obtained by comparing the live image of the object with, for example, a 3D CAD model. If enough features and lines correspond to features in the model, a positive identification will be confirmed. By linking sensor information from your mobile device, you can then also determine the exact position of the camera in relation to the object.

After this initial identification, the mobile device continues to recalculate the relevant distance and positioning between the camera and object. This makes it possible to provide very realistic and immersive interaction between the virtual and physical worlds. For example, you can walk around the object and continuously project the relevant digital information onto it.

3D CAD model tracking