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Stationsplein 45 | Unit B1.036
3013 AK Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Jos Westerkamp , Senior AR Specialist PTC

Public transport

The Groot Handelsgebouw is located on the right side of Rotterdam central station. Walk around the left side of the building (passen cafe Engels) to reach entrace B of the builing at Weena 695.

Car parks

The Groot Handelsgebouw offers parking for more than 950 cars in several car parks. There are sufficient charging stations available in the car parks.

For short term parking in the Groot Handelsgebouw make use of P1, accessible via Conradstraat (Navigate to: Weena 737).

Bicycle parking

Arriving by bicycle? You are welcome to use the underground bicycle parking area of Rotterdam Central Station. You can also use the bicycle racks that are located around the Groot Handelsgebouw. However, please be aware that the municipality of Rotterdam removes bicycles and scooters that are improperly parked on a daily basis.

This is what our clients say:

“Thanks a lot for your support. I am so thankful for all the effort made by TWNKLS. We really need your help and I am so happy that you are being flexible. It means a lot to us! Lovisa Erikson, Inter IKEA systems, Manager Quality Assurance

“You only get one chance while in a client’s home. AR enables us to make optimal use of this chance. TWNKLS has been our partner for years in embedding innovation in our process, so we can stay ahead of the game. ” Andre Ooms, Managing Director, Otolift

“The augmented reality application takes our IWEX technology to the next level as operators are able to observe an image of the defect on the weld itself. We believe it is a revolutionary step in Non Destructive Testing technology. This can save millions.” Rienk de Vries, CTO Applus+RTD

“We were looking at Industry 4.0 and focussed on computerised production processes. TWNKLS made the difference: they looked at the end user. Now we have introduced a revolutionary Businesscase.” Paul Hoekstra, Owner Wemo