Ottolift’s AR measuring tool improves service and shortens the sales cycle

People who order stair lifts are often doing so out of urgent (medical) need. Otolift’s new AR application has shortened its sales cycle from 36 days to 48 hours. The previously complex measurement process is now done in a matter of minutes, instead of hours. By eliminating measurement errors, Otolift also considerably reduces customer dropout. Because vendors can now inspire and reassure customers visually, their average number of customer visits per sale has decreased by 50 percent.

Reducing complex processes into simple actions

Measuring a staircase to accommodate a stair lift used to be a complex process that could only be performed by specialized staff. Now a vendor only has to place a few markers and take a series of photos using a tablet. This reduces a complex (measuring) process into a simple series of actions that anyone can easily carry out.

Eliminating risks of errors and failure costs

It’s only human to make mistakes, especially when performing complex (measuring) processes. Thanks to image recognition and photo geometry, a salesperson armed with a tablet can measure the dimensions for a planned stair lift within twenty minutes. Because software checks each individual measurement, errors are virtually impossible. This prevents high additional costs and negative discussions about liability.

Streamlining processes and simplifying production and installation

Salespeople measure the dimensions for a new stair lift by taking a series of photos on a tablet. These 3D measurements can be sent directly from the tablet to the factory, where the engineers can get to work within hours, instead of weeks. A new system with pre-manufactured parts means 95 percent of lifts can now be installed within days, instead of months.

A powerful sales tool for dealers and sales representatives

A stair lift is an emotionally important ‘once in a lifetime’ purchase, which you don’t just buy straight out of a brochure. In the past, Otolift’s salespeople typically had to make several home visits to secure each purchase. Now, thanks to the new AR app, they can show customers a lifelike 3D representation of how the lift will be in their home. Purchasing decisions are now made, on average, twice as fast.

Awards & Nominations

Mobile Marketing Association 2013

Best mobile platform

Amsterdam (NL)

Augmented World Expo 2013

Best business application

Santa Clara (USA)