The Mauritshuis in The Hague is a world-renowned museum featuring the best Dutch painters. But it also has the Golden Room, an ornate space filled with exclusive paintings by Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini. With augmented reality, visitors can relive the restoration process and experience the creation of the artist. The 2-year restoration process, summarized in 15 minutes of playing time.

Using our augmented reality app the visitor place himself in the driver’s seat of the restoration process. Watch the ceiling break away and see our heavens in an amazing display of what Pellegrini could have made with the latest technology!

Augmented Reality in a museum is cutting edge combination

Working in such an extraordinary space posed some big challenges for an Augmented Reality app. Current AR technology is not suited to larger spaces, low or changing lighting or reflective surfaces – exactly what you have in a museum. TWNKLS decided to rise to that challenge and create an advanced new way of recognizing and tracking markerless worlds, by using Edge Based Tracking. This allows us to show a faithful 3D representation over a whole host of situations. This TWNKLS proprietary technology is a major breakthrough in AR technology and at the very forefront of what’s possible.