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IKEA uses augmented reality to bring inspiration right into the living room

The Place app is enabling IKEA to instantly bridge the gap in its customers’ decision-making journeys. Three and a half million customers are already using it to see exactly how their choices, from a range of more than 4,000 furniture items, look in their own homes. A simple swipe is all it takes to see whether an item fits the space and which version goes best with their interior. In this way, the world’s most successful non-game app powerfully stimulates purchasing, from both online and offline shoppers.

Close cooperation between IKEA and TWNKLS

IKEA has been working with TWNKLS since 2016. Thanks to close cooperation with Apple, TWNKLS and IKEA became among the first to have access to the revolutionary ARKit. It wasn’t long before everyone could see how placing virtual furniture in your own space demonstrated ARKit’s enormous potential. That’s why TWNKLS was asked to develop IKEA Place in September 2017 as one of the launching apps for ARKit and iOS 11. We accepted the challenge and succeeded in developing and launching IKEA Place to millions of people within a brutal deadline of just 9 weeks.

Make the difference

Through 8 years of pioneering work in the AR market, TWNKLS has guided many companies through their first steps in the world of AR. From small-scale projects to globally-reaching benchmarks such as IKEA place. We know what sparks the imagination and, more importantly, what makes the difference in execution. Are you wondering how AR could you set apart from the competition? We’re pleased to offer tailored AR workshops.

Awards & Nominations

Augmented World Expo 2018

Auggie for Best consumer app

Santa Clara (USA)

Creative Circle Awards 2018

Gold award for Use of Technology

London (UK)

D&AD Wooden Pencil 2018

Digital Design / User Experience Design

London (UK)

Creative Circle Awards 2018

Gold award for UX Design

London (UK)

DIA Awards

Golden Dutch Interactive Award New Interfaces

Amsterdam (NL)

Media coverage

The Verge

Visual search

The app has undergone continuous improvement since launch. Notable progressions include availability in Android and one of the first implementations of Visual Search. This feature, which uses machine learning, allows users to search for furniture based on pictures they’ve taken. A world first! See the video on the right for how it works.


Removing practical barriers in one simple step

Buying a new sofa or table often means measuring spaces to see what will fit. Which isn’t a task most consumers enjoy. Fortunately, that’s something which is no longer necessary! Just point your tablet or smartphone’s camera at the intended spot, and the Place app shows exactly (within 2% margin of error) how much room your new purchase will take up.

Quickly and efficiently translate your entire product range into attractive augmented reality versions

Mobile devices seldom have enough computing power to translate large 3D model files into an attractive AR experience. But thanks to the development of smart tools, it is still possible to transform these (CAD) models quickly and efficiently into manageable data. So you can also translate a very large assortment into an attractive series of AR experiences in a relatively short time

It is very inspiring to see that a Dutch company succeeds in delivering this kind of quality in an international setting and in such a short eight weeks period. This a benchmark AR interface and a very inspiring use case for the whole market. 

Jury DIA awards

Core solutions & technologies

To place IKEA’s inspirational 3D content into customers’ living rooms, we used the following technologies:

AR Kit

AR Core


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Horizontal plane tracking

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