An educational AR tool transforms hard-to-digest theory into understandable 3D visuals

Railcenter teaches ProRail technicians to perform track maintenance and supports these technicians in their work. The new ‘Switch to a Different Reality’ AR tool identifies frequently used track points and parts, and shares information about their functioning. Detailed 3D visuals can do things such as provide clearer visibility of how complex points operate. The app enables technicians to absorb learning material much faster and make fewer errors during repair or maintenance.

Provide accessible and accurate insight into the operation of complex technology

Descriptions of complex technology are rarely very easy to read. Even with the smartest diagrams, it’s impossible to show how the all different interdependent parts of a points mechanism move. That problem disappears when you have detailed 3D visuals to show where parts are positioned and how they interact. You no longer have to imagine it, because you can actually see it all, in a glance.

Turn hard-to-digest theory into an inspiring experience

Learning how complex technology works can seriously challenge the concentration. The ‘Switch to a Different Reality’ AR tool transforms hard-to-digest theory into understandable 3D visuals, and uses animation to show students the consequences of not measuring parts in exactly the right way. Clear 3D imagery and intuitive interaction enables insight to be gained faster and knowledge to be retained for longer.

Accurately show where parts are located and eliminate assembly errors

The app uses accurate image recognition to identify frequently used track points and parts. During maintenance or repair work, technicians can utilize this feature to request additional information about operation and the correct method of surveying. This saves employees a lot of time on the job and helps prevent (costly) mistakes.