The Dutch Design Award jury rewards ‘Augmented Blueware’ with a Dutch Design Award 2018. They praise the close cooperation of the three partners Royal Delft, TWNKLS| augmented reality and FLEX/design. This resulted in the development of a unique concept; Augmented Blueware, an exclusive tableware, with the decorations of a unique hand-painted Delft Blue vase.

A two-part AR challenge.

Unlike the 3D modelling normally used in AR, the content painted on a vase is now used. To be able to use this artwork, TWNKLS has developed a scan that allows a specialist to remove the decoration from the entire surface of a Delft Blue vase and then unfold it as a flat, digital map.

Part two of the challenge is the augmented reality experience itself. Where the user looks at a blank tableware, but when looking through the tablet, the user can see what the tableware will look like when it would have been decorated by Royal Delft. For this AR experience we made use of marker tracking.

See the video below to see the scanning process and get a taste of the Augmented Blueware experience.