TWNKLS is the Augmented Reality powerhouse that focuses on designing, developing and implementing cutting edge AR solutions. Our applications are used by millions of people all over the world and together with our A-list customers we have won numerous awards. Are you looking for an internship or graduation project where you can take your AR/Computer Vision knowledge to the next level? TWNKLS is the leading Dutch expert in both subjects, and as such is a great opportunity for you to develop yourself!

We believe that ambitious young developers add a lot to an already innovative organization. That’s why we need you!

What wil you be doing?

  • Assignment: You will be researching how to apply AR in an outdoor environment. To use AR outside we need to accurate determine the viewing angle and position of the user. This can be done via GPS or the camera of the user’s device. We want to use GPS to make an accurate position estimation and use the camera to make a pose estimation using Visual Inertial Odometry. This would enable AR experiences for new fields like construction
  • Team: You’ll be working closely with our Computer Vision team.
  • Research question: How can we combine GPS positioning with Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) to enable accurate outdoor AR?
  • Tooling: You’ll be using Visual Studio and open-source libraries like OpenCV
  • Your experience: C++, computer vision, visual SLAM, (RTK-D)GPS, OpenCV
  • Extra challenge: How can you provide robust AR when either the camera or GPS temporarily doesn’t have tracking?
  • Type of assignment: Graduation internship


Coffee, fresh fruits and lunch are served by TWNKLS and cookies are provided by the ones who arrive late. After the communal lunch we like to show off our table football skills. To stay healthy some of us like to run the marathon or parts of it. Don’t worry about a dress code, we think it’s more important that you feel comfortable. Most of us are officially in their thirties, but yeah… you are as old/young as you feel. In our team we speak Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Dutch but to actually communicate with each other, English, C# or C++ is the business language. We work in an open office in which we also collect some famous game consoles from the past. Some of us really played the Atari 2600 when they were young. We are a flat organization, which means you can voice your opinions and we expect you to speak up if you think something can be done in a better way.

For all of our internships:

  • TWNKLS offers someone to guide you along
  • All assignments are for at least 5 months
  • We’ll save you a spot in our Rotterdam office for 32-40 hours a week
  • You can combine your internship with writing your thesis

What do we expect of you?

  • You’re a third- or fourth-year student in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence or another relevant field
  • Your code is impeccable
  • You’re a lateral thinker that comes up with innovative solutions
  • You’re a go-getter
  • You have a knack for programming or research in AR
  • You’re a team player
  • You’re good at spoken and written English

What do we offer?

  • Access to a range of experts in the field of AR and Computer Vision
  • A number of ways to develop yourself personally and professionally
  • A great working environment
  • A large enough compensation to let you buy some beers for your friends

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