TWNKLS is an internationally respected AR pioneer. And since 2019 part of PTC Center of Excellence for IoT and AR. Becoming part of TWNKLS means becoming part of an award-winning AR agency that help millions of people to work, learn, discover, share and experience better.

At this moment we’re in the fresh transition phase to become part of PTC.

TWNKLS, a PTC company

TWNKLS is since June 2019 part of PTC Center of Excellence for IoT and AR. PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) is a $1B+ global provider of technology platforms and enterprise applications for smart and connected products, operations, and systems. PTC today employs more than 6,000 professionals serving more than 28,000 businesses worldwide. Leading brands and technology companies partner with us to turn their visions into reality. From Augmented to the Internet of Things, it’s a fascinating time to be shaping this new frontier of innovation. That’s what gets us out of bed and excited to tackle each day. How about you?


Current job openings

Current job openings at TWNKLS, a PTC company can be found at the PTC website here

Current Internships

Current internship openings at TWNKLS, a PTC company can be found at the PTC website here

The TWNKLS atmosphere

Coffee, fruit and lunch are served by TWNKLS and cookies are provided by the one who is late. In the afternoon we like to show off our table foosball skills. Don’t worry about a dress code, we think it’s more important that you feel comfortable. Most of us are officially in their thirties, but age is just a number. We speak Portuguese, Slovak, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Dutch. And of course C# and C++. We work in a brand new open office in which we also exhibit famous game consoles.

We are disruptors of industries!

Working at TWNKLS means that you contribute to a change: change to the efficiency of our customers’ processes and the way they work on a daily basis. If you want to make a difference, whilst working on state of the art AR projects, then TWNKLS is the home for you. Within the scope of our projects and your responsibilities, it is totally up to you how you bring your work to a success. We encourage autonomy in your work as well as encourage you to develop yourself.


Lex van der Sluijs

Lex van der Sluijs
CTO & co-founder

“When we started TWNKLS, Gerben and I felt that we were at the start of another revolution in computing, just like with the internet in 1996. We were both in the middle of that tumultuous first time then, and we knew that we were going to be in for another wild ride with Augmented Reality. AR may have an impact that is just as great as the development of the World Wide Web. One difference is that the technology is even more complex, and the variety of skills needed to pull off a successful project is even greater. I am super proud and grateful for the team that has joined us in TWNKLS: together we are the breeding ground for all those good ideas that are needed to make AR applications that really help people in their lives!”

Chardée Ginus

Chardée Ginus
3D Designer

“I started out as an intern at TWNKLS and I’m happy to have become part of the TWNKLS team after graduating! During my internship, I was able to experience what it’s like to work in a professional AR company while getting the opportunity to experiment and work at competencies of my choice. We have our own expert groups within the company and share information while enjoying pizza sessions. Besides the learning opportunities, it’s the fun team, atmosphere and technology that make my eyes twinkle.”

Kevin Vriens

Kevin Vriens
Tech Lead Development

“At TWNKLS you get to work with awesome colleagues, cutting edge technology and well-known clients in a variety of different sectors. As clients often don’t know the full capabilities of AR, our input as experts can really shape the direction of a project. We operate in a relaxed work environment with a lot of fun, freedom, knowledge and autonomy. Properly balance these factors and you can surely make an impact and show your strengths; be it in research, coding, animation, shaders, UI/UX etc.”

We can’t wait to meet you!