“Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.”
Ash Maurya

Through 8 years of pioneering work in the AR market, TWNKLS has guided many companies through their first steps in the world of AR. From small-scale projects to globally-reaching benchmarks such as IKEA place.

Over this time, we’ve sculpted and refined the process from idea right through to deployment. And from the over 80 presentations we’ve given in the last two years alone, we know what sparks the imagination and, more importantly, what makes the difference in execution. Because bottom line impact takes more than individual inspiration. It is produced through collaborative refinement through interactions between your organization, our AR experts and, especially, your would-be customers.

At TWNKLS, we prioritize purpose. As Lean Canvas creator, Ash Maurya says, “Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.” We are therefore pleased to offer AR workshops to help you understand its possibilities within the context of your own needs.

Augmented Reality workshops: the possibilities

To help every kind of enterprise appropriately leverage AR technology to maximum benefit, we’re pleased to offer tailored AR workshops.

AR Discovery Workshop

A starter workshop in which you are brought up-to-speed on the latest AR trends in a way that’s relevant to you and your target audience’s interests. Includes brainstorming, pitching concepts and expert feedback. A perfect start to discovering what AR is, how it works and what it can mean for your organization.

AR Challenger Workshop

This 1.5 day follow-on to the Discovery workshop deeply examines its outcomes for desirability and viability. Includes detailed concepting with storyboards and work breakdown structures. Resulting in essential insights from which a quotation for delivering the agreed product can be derived.

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