Knowledge is a crucial part of every successful company. Which is why smart entrepreneurs invest in stimulating and developing employees. Augmented learning lets you create an inspiring bridge between theory and professional practice. Enabling you to provide attractive, accessible teaching material which maintains attention for a long time and delivers added value.

Present complex information clearly

With powerful 3D visuals, AR provides immersive new opportunities for presenting complex information. Your new staff, trainees or students can move around in lifelike simulated scenarios and environments, applying new knowledge directly in virtual practice. Because you can pre-plan the educational experience and do not need to involve other people, you can be assured of delivering consistent guidance of the highest quality, without having to burden other busy employees. See our AR glasses comparison matrix

Effective, risk-free learning

Learn from practical mistakes without being exposed to the real-life risks, and at a fraction of the usual cost. There’s no need to have physical objects present when 3D models are perfectly sufficient substitutes. Research shows that knowledge gained through kinesthetic learning, or learning by doing, is often easier to process and is retained longer. Learning through AR is therefore easier and more effective, attractive and safe.

Want to know how Augmented Reality can be applied in your organization?

TWNKLS is a full-service AR agency. We determine the best use case for your organization, investigate the technical feasibility and quickly put an initial version to the test with your stakeholders. We examine how the solution fits into your existing architectures and processes, advise on governance and carry out the technical realization. All done via standard services and proven methods. 

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Training & Education

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