Our digital age has created numerous communication channels and touch points. Enabling us to reach customers and share information at any point along their decision-making journeys. However, the absence of the physical element in digital communications leaves room for disconnect and disengagement. Augmented reality bridges this gap by simulating a product’s physical presence in the customer’s personal space. Allowing your brand to leverage both emotive and logical triggers.

Boosting customer confidence

AR enables smart marketers to bring the physical and virtual customer journey together with a powerful confidence boost. The ability to place accurate 3D images of your products right in your customers’ hands and spaces answers all questions about suitability and attractiveness. Questions which loom especially large for purchases which are very difficult to return or are even non-returnable due to being made-to-order, and therefore represent a big risk. Resolving these at an early stage can avoid a lot of salesperson time being wasted. While the inspiring personal experience can also facilitate upselling and cross-selling.

Inspire, reassure and sell

The way augmented reality makes products ‘come to life’ within a customer’s personal context is a game changer for securing sales. No other form of information or communication can even come close when it comes to providing inspiration and reassurance. AR is the most powerful tool you can have for increasing the customer interaction and engagement which leads to sales.

Want to know how Augmented Reality can be applied in your organization?

TWNKLS is a full-service AR agency. We determine the best use case for your organization, investigate the technical feasibility and quickly put an initial version to the test with your stakeholders. We examine how the solution fits into your existing architectures and processes, advise on governance and carry out the technical realization. All done via standard services and proven methods. 

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