More and more professionals, operators and people such as students are remotely working together. But precious time and insight are often lost due to a lack of efficient tools. This typically happens when it’s not exactly clear what people are working on. Or if there are insufficient effective opportunities to share information in an accessible manner.

Powerful collaboration tool

An augmented reality platform is a powerful tool for removing these and other obstacles to effective collaboration. Watch live together with colleagues or partners, and share spoken or written suggestions or instructions to clarify a particular situation. Or, while performing your work, ask for hands-free information from public sources or specific databases you’re connected to. See our AR glasses comparison matrix

Realistic 3D imagery

When spoken or written information falls short, powerful visuals are the solution. By translating the workings of complex technology into a more easily understandable realistic 3D image, abstract theory transforms into concrete insight right before your eyes. This allows you to inform and assist partners and colleagues in and from any location, sharing knowledge in an optimal way.

Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk helps you bring together your technical people and experts to solve problems more easily, quickly and efficiently.

Support your colleagues by giving them remote spoken and visualized instructions.

Meet Vuforia Chalk.

Vuforia Expert Capture

With Expert Capture you give clear and simple step-by-step instructions. At the right time and in the right place.

This way you help your staff to perform their tasks quickly and precisely. This increases their productivity and therefore your ‘production’ capacity.

Meet Expert Capture.

Want to know how Augmented Reality can be applied in your organization?

TWNKLS is a full-service AR agency. We determine the best use case for your organization, investigate the technical feasibility and quickly put an initial version to the test with your stakeholders. We examine how the solution fits into your existing architectures and processes, advise on governance and carry out the technical realization. All done via standard services and proven methods. See all our services here.