When performing maintenance, inspections or other activities, employees regularly run into unclear or unknown circumstances. This often considerably complicates the execution of their work and can cause it to take longer. At the same time, the likelihood of making mistakes increases sharply.

Clearly explained in 3D

Augmented reality addresses this problem by using powerful 3D visuals to explain how complex technology works. Replacing abstract textbooks, descriptions and diagrams with clear instructions, and greatly enhancing the effectiveness of those who are doing the job. At the same time, the likelihood of making mistakes or incurring additional costs due to drop outs or additional work is reduced. See our AR glasses comparison matrix

Error-free identification

Situations can be assessed remotely by viewing them together with employees through the camera on their headset or phone. And you can quickly and clearly deliver analysis and advice via voice, annotations or (3D) visuals. Smart image recognition software means devices, components and environments are identified without error.

Want to know how Augmented Reality can be applied in your organization?

TWNKLS is a full-service AR agency. We determine the best use case for your organization, investigate the technical feasibility and quickly put an initial version to the test with your stakeholders. We examine how the solution fits into your existing architectures and processes, advise on governance and carry out the technical realization. All done via standard services and proven methods. 

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