“Impressive to see what you can speed up and improve with Augmented Reality. Commercially very interesting. Thank you very much TWNKLS “

Stoffer Dunnink, Improvement manager, UC group

What to expect?

In this workshop, you’ll be brought up-to-speed on the latest AR trends in a way that’s relevant to you and your target audience’s interests.

Following an initial presentation in which we explain how AR works and present various currently active use cases and applications, there will be opportunities to experience several deployments of AR first-hand.

The next part of the workshop is a brainstorm, in which participants are split into small groups to have a go at applying their newly acquired knowledge to their own field of work.

The workshop concludes with each of the groups giving a 2-minute pitch about their AR concept. Our R&D representative will provide high-level feedback on each concept’s feasibility and select a winner.

Is our AR Discovery Workshop what your company is looking for?

  • In advance of the workshop, we ask for information about your organization’s and participants’ experience and interests, in order to tailor it to your needs.
  • Suitable for 3-25 participants.
  • Participants are not required to have any technical knowledge.
  • The AR Discovery workshop can be given at your workplace, business/innovation event, at TWNKLS or any other location of your preference.
  • You’ll come away from this workshop with a clear idea of how AR works and what it can mean for your organization. We will share award-winning cases with you and explain the 4 pillars of a successful AR project. So you are better equipped to make AR decisions.

Already done the Discovery workshop and ready to explore deeper? Book the AR Challenger workshop.

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