At TWNKLS we know what it takes to be Europe’s leading Augmented Reality pioneer. We use a team of experts, strong partnerships, and a proven approach to ensure success for our clients. Our own R&D department ensures that we can not only deliver a tailor-made solution, but also one that is future-proof. This approach has been put to the test in countless challenging AR projects, resulting in dozens of international awards, millions of downloads, and equally many satisfied users.

The TWNKLS philosophy

We have made our success by listening to our customers and believing in what we do. This philosophy is engrained in the TWNKLS DNA and is at the basis of everything we do.

Innovation through

Our solution has to make a difference within your business. That’s why it’s important that we create the solution together. We put our smartest people in the room with yours to shape the solution together and stay close to the problem we’re solving.

Dream big,
start small

Augmented reality has an enormous potential. But we have to begin with the beginning. TWNKLS develops in a lean and iterative way. Together with our customers we look at the big picture, and then break this big idea into small and attainable steps that minimize risk and time spent.


Augmented Reality is about helping people. That’s why our users come first. From the very start we involve them in the process, by asking their input and validating our solutions with them. Only when the end user can work happily with the application is it good enough.


TWNKLS prides itself in being a full-service agency. Our team of experts has the skills to take on any project from start to finish. Whether you are orienting yourself in the world of augmented reality or you need a to keep a complex app system up and running—you can rely on TWNKLS to get the job done right.

Augmented reality workshop

Innovation always starts with inspiration. Get your company excited about Augmented Reality and see what it can do for you. With 80 presentations we’ve given in the last two years alone, we know what sparks the imagination and, more importantly, what makes the difference in execution. Are you wondering how AR could you set apart from the competition? We’re pleased to offer tailored AR workshops.


Taking advantage of the power of Augmented Reality? This requires a strategy – a clear vision of how to use AR technology and how to take the organization along with you on this journey. For multiple clients, we take on a consultative role were we together explore where, how and when AR fits the best in the organization. By analyzing processes, stakeholders, markets and usecases we create a winning AR strategy for your company.

Designing for AR

User experience and Interface Design are crucial for the success of an AR experience. Our team of designers have the expertise needed to provide award-winning user experiences. Combining user research, methodology, and years of experience TWNKLS makes designs that express your brand perfectly and lets your users intuitively user AR.

3D Modeling

We have dedicated 3D artists to produce high-quality models ready for mobile environments, ensuring jaw-dropping 3D and animations for the best experience. But converting your own models is also an option, ensuring the highest fidelity.

Development for Augmented Reality

We have varied team of Unity accredited developers to deal with punishing deadlines. We’re familiar with SCRUM and are used to collaborating with client teams for the best cooperation. Our entire team is on site for maximum flexibility.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is the technology behind your AR experience. And when an off the shelf solution simply isn’t good enough you can rely on our dedicated team of Computer Vision experts to develop custom tracking and recognition solutions to make your use case shine.

Back-end integration and SLA

We have what’s needed to integrate our solutions into your workflow. Like connecting our applications to an ERP, MES, or LMS systems, but also dealing with networks and security. The support you get from our SLA ensures that your applications keep running smoothly.

Testing and Validation

Our applications have to work in the most challenging of environments and on a host of different platforms and devices. For this we have a dedicated QA section to make sure that a TWNKLS app never lets you down.