“Show young people what augmented reality makes possible”

“Right from day one, we have been sharing our knowledge. For TWNKLS, this is an essential aspect of our responsibility towards our emerging sector, and the people who do their best every day to make more possible. For me, personally, this is also a way of giving something in return for the time and energy put in by other people which stimulated my interest in technology. All those inspiring contacts are still an important motivating force in my own journey of discovery.”

Discovery is at the heart of our company.

“The name TWNKLS was inspired by the twinkle you get in your eyes when you discover something exciting and new. In order to convey that feeling to the next generation, we have been supporting events such as Nerds on Stage and Night of the Nerds for years. Together with a number of other innovative companies, we show young people what is possible with innovative technology. And what they can do to make their own contribution.”

“I regularly speak at such events, and we give our employees the opportunity to do so too. Personally, I find the direct contact with curious young people incredibly enjoyable, and the energy I invest in it immediately returns to me in the form of their inspiration. If you inspire people, you also need to offer them the opportunity to develop further. That is why we also contribute to augmented reality educational courses at various levels.”

“We help training institutes to set up projects, and we allow our people time to participate in project groups, assessment committees and master classes. We’re now seeing how those first projects are gradually changing in their learning focus, minors and majors. We recently took on our first intern, who is someone who became interested in augmented reality at one of our events a few years ago. It is very satisfying to complete the circle in this way.”

Gerben Harmsen, founder TWNKLS
Rotterdam, 15 augustus 2018