TWNKLS is a Dutch augmented reality and computer vision pioneer. By combining technical expertise with a value-focused approach, TWNKLS has been creating custom augmented reality solutions for our clients since 2011. With a growing number of experienced specialists we are developing new image based recognition technologies that result in new forms of interaction, user experience and business concepts. To strengthen our team, we are looking for a senior computer vision engineer (C++).

What you will be doing at TWNKLS?

Our projects are on the bleeding edge of technology, and our R&D team is pushing today’s boundaries further. You will be developing new real-time 3D tracking and recognition systems to obtain 6DOF camera pose estimation for our augmented reality applications. You design, develop and combine computer vision algorithms for a variety of platforms (from powerful deskside computers to digital eyewear and smartphones) and with a broad set of devices, such as monocular- and stereo cameras, IMU’s and depth sensors. Furthermore, you will investigate the use of multi-view approaches for better performance when applicable.

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Coffee, fresh fruits and lunch are served by TWNKLS and cookies are provided by the ones who arrive late. After the communal lunch we like to show off our table football skills. To stay healthy some of us like to run the marathon or parts of it. Don’t worry about a dress code, we think it’s more important that you feel comfortable. Most of us are officially in their thirties, but yeah… you are as old/young as you feel. In our team we speak Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Dutch but to actually communicate with each other, English, C# or C++ is the business language. We work in an open office in which we also collect some famous game consoles from the past. Some of us really played the Atari 2600 when they were young. We are a flat organization, which means you can voice your opinions and we expect you to speak up if you think something can be done in a better way.


Martin Klaudiny
Senior Computer Vision Engineer

If you want to get your hands ‘dirty’ working on real-world AR applications, TWNKLS is the right place to be. We are at frontiers of the push to bring AR mainstream. Working closely with clients across different domains, one gains valuable insights how to make AR useful in the reality and create a difference in everyday life. You will have an opportunity to dive into different aspects of a successful solution – eyewear and sensors, underlying CV and CG algorithms, UI/UX platforms etc.

The ideal senior computer vision engineer

  • MSc or PhD in a relevant field (computer science, electrical engineering)
  • Excellent C++ programming skills backed-up by industry experience
  • Good scripting skills in Python
  • Solid background in software development lifecycle (design, code, test)
  • Proven experience in 3D tracking, 3D reconstruction and 6DOF pose estimation.
  • Proficient in English
  • You have worked with SCRUM or Agile methodology
  • Good at communicating professionally both to a teammate as well as a client

You earn bonus points if you have

  • Prior R&D experience in augmented reality
  • A publication record in computer vision conferences or journals
  • Experience with deep- and machine-learning toolkits (e.g. TensorFlow, Caffe)
  • Optimization skills in algorithms as well as implementations (such as: profiling techniques, SIMD instructions, offloading work to the GPU, optimizing cache usage)
  • Experience with unit testing and continuous integration

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Please note that that non-EU residents should be in possession of a working permit in order to apply.

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