PTC and TWNKLS join forces to accelerate enterprise augmented reality application development.

We are proud to announce that PTC has acquired TWNKLS | augmented reality. PTC is an American software company and is well known for its CAD/CAM, PLM, IoT and AR software for industry and the enterprise market.

A targeted investment in the fastest growing branch of PTC

Jim Heppelmann, CEO of PTC, said that the thinking behind the TWNKLS acquisition is that PTC needs more subject matter experts to accelerate deployments with customers and partners for AR and the industrial Internet of Things, which are the company’s fastest-growing businesses.

The acquisition of TWNKLS will accelerate PTC’s AR strategy as well as enable customers to realize faster time-to-value. With expertise in Vuforia, a world-class creative staff, and experience implementing enterprise AR solutions, the award-winning TWNKLS will help strengthen and expand PTC’s industrial AR offerings to more effectively meet the needs of its customer base.

The CEO said that TWNKLS has worked on the “most advanced AR implementations in the world,” and will give PTC an important capability to “train the trainers and teach the teachers. We don’t have an aspiration to build a big services business, but we do have almost an obligation to make sure we can support all the partners and the customers,” he said.

Shared vision: empowering your organization

The acquisition is a logical step for both parties. Both PTC and TWNKLS focus on innovative technology that enables end-users to effectively design, produce, maintain, and sell their products. Gerben Harmsen, Founder of TWNKLS said: “There’s a shared vision of industry 4.0 where AR will be an innovation force of unbelievable scale. The merger enables us to empower employees on a much wider scale with more power and creativity”.

A continuing focus on custom made AR

TWNKLS will keep their focus on both developing and implementing leading AR solutions that bring value to your business in many areas. Sales tools to boost customer experience, Training tools that are easy to scale and are highly engaging and industrial tools that reduce service costs; serving a broad customer portfolio. The TWNKLS team will continue to serve you and your innovation team from our office in Rotterdam.

On behalf of everyone at TWNKLS, we want to thank you for your trust, innovation courage and we hope that the future will bring many more success stories.

With best regards,

Gerben Harmsen & Lex van der Sluijs, Co-Founders TWNKLS, a PTC company