5 Augmented Reality awards in 24 hours!

Imagine that you have 5 minutes to pitch your company to a large group. The catch is that you’re only allowed to show one slide. Which do you choose? We would go for a slide displaying our awards. The proof of the appreciation of the market for our work, for Augmented Reality applications that have been recognized because they go beyond the wow factor.

Our applications enable users to see and work with the world in a way they previously could not: shoppers placing virtual furniture in their living room; mechanics looking through cars and viewing the internal parts; or a remote expert seeing exactly what their on-site colleague sees and providing instant feedback via a smartglass.

Beyond the wow-factor

In an innovative sector such as Augmented Reality, where products can often attract attention by having a flashy pitch or eye-catching concept art, awards are the difference between companies that just talk about it and companies that make it happen.
That was why June 12 was so special. The day started in Amsterdam at the Dutch Interactive Awards, where we were nominated in 3 categories with our work for IKEA and Innovam / Lamborghini (B2B commerce, Digital Disruption and New Interfaces). After a few exciting hours, we were invited to come onstage to receive the golden DIA for our IKEA PLACE application.

Klik hier voor de gratis AR Management handleiding en leer de essentials die nodig zijn voor het bouwen van een sterke Augmented Reality-strategie.

The jury report was glowing:

“The jury unanimously labeled this a great case. The timing is perfect, and it is very inspiring to see a Dutch company succeed in delivering this quality in an international setting and in such a short eight-week period. It shows the strength of agencies from our country. You do the things you do well, and together you also make the choice to leave some things out. TWNKLS and IKEA have been able to bring a new interface to the general public. The jury can hardly ignore this work. TWNKLS investment is paying off. This is a benchmark for Augmented Reality interfaces, an inspiration for the entire market”.

Meanwhile, Lex (CTO TWNKLS) was preparing for day 2 of the Augmented World Expo (AWE)in Santa Clara, USA, where he too headed to the stage to receive the Auggie for the world’s best Augmented Reality consumer app.

International appreciation

And as if that is not enough, back in Europe, our partners in the IKEA project, Nordgram and Space10 in Copenhagen, received 3 (!) Creative Circle awards for IKEA Place: gold in the categories User Experience Design and Use of Technology, silver in the category Digital Service and Utilities.
And with that, the counter stood at 5 awards within 24 hours. That’s 5 times we’ve received international appreciation for our Augmented Reality solutions with a focus on the bottom line. Of course, we have taken time to celebrate this at the office…but once again, it’s full steam ahead!