Services and solutions

TWNKLS is a full service Augmented Reality agency. We work together with our clients on AR strategy, AR concept development, 3D modeling and 3D animation, AR development, game development, mobile development (iOS and Android) and maintenance. Our services cover AR projects from beginning to end.

Concept and strategy

A new AR production is based on a profound strategy and an appealing concept. Together they will result in a user friendly and stable application. TWNKLS has concept developers, storytellers, user experience designers and interface designers that focus on the realization of our clients’ objectives.

Design and interaction

TWNKLS’ strenght is the development of prototypes through storyboards and wireframes, early in the project. These prototypes will provide insight in the flow and interaction of the application that is to be developed. Our interaction designers will always consider the esthetical aspect and intuitive user experience.

Mobile 3D modeling and animation

Our 3D specialists work with real-time 3D technology. They make the difference with robust 3D models and attractive 3D animations. For mobile devices, it is essential to deliver a 3D model that doesn’t only look good, but has outstanding performance too. 3D engines, textures and shaders, 3D animations and particle effect make our hearts beat faster!

Mobile Development

Our developers are experts in the area of mobile Augmented Reality. They are skilled in several mobile development frameworks and tracking technology (Natural Feature, Sensor Fusion, SLAM tracking). All our productions are available for iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets, and nearly all our productions have back-end connections to the clients’ IT systems.

Technological expertise

At TWNKLS we work with state of the art technology. We have a pioneering R&D team that have patented several technologies. Next to our own solutions we work with internationally proven technologies from third parties. Our developers use Qualcomm, ARToolworks, Metaio, 13th Lab, Xamarin and Microsoft technology. We have many years of experience with the delivery of Augmented Reality productions as well as with IT, real time 3D and internet projects.

Project and Quality management

The management of an AR project requires an experienced Project Manager, and a smooth cooperation between the client and the project team. A realistic project plan, clear requirements and thorough testing are key elements to deliver on time and within budget. We use a phased project approach that is based on proven project management methodologies including SCRUM. Throughout the life of the project we are in contact with our client to validate the scope and quality.

Remote collaboration via Smart glasses

Twnkls empowers professionals to give and receive guidance over distance, and allows you to save on one of the most valuable recourses: time. Give yourself that pair of extra eyes when needed and decrease the amount of errors. Remote collaboration can be used during; training, client contact, installation work or maintenance. We use the hardware of leading suppliers and our in-house software to meet the demands of your company and to create a custom-made solution. It’s also possible to connect to other information systems with save and protected communication.

We develop(ed) with Metaio SDK, Qcar SDK, Vuforia SDK, 13th Lab, KUDAN, PTAM, Orb Slam, ARToolkit SDK, Google Cardbord, but most of all with our own TWNKLS NextGen Tracking and Recognition framework.