Yumble App

Theme parks offer a lot of good old fun. But they also involve long lines, and don’t give you that complete experience you need. But what if you could explore have fun all day instead of just in the rides?

TWNKLS has teamed up with Holland’s most innovative family park to create a one of kind app. Yumble is the first European park to combine real world thrills with interactive mixed reality experiences, so we took the extra step to combine an interactive photo ride with an app to provide an immersive ecosystem of attractions with extra fun in between. We put your theme park experience right in your phone!


We wanted to spur kids on to explore every inch of the park, rather than just provide them dry information about the park like other theme park apps do. So we turned the app into an augmented scavenger hunt. Our app equips your phone with the magical Fun-o-vision, which allows you to decipher the mysterious clues that are scattered all over the park. These clues not only trigger exciting experiences – after collecting them all and solving the mystery we reveal the location of a hidden attraction that can’t be found on any other map!

The app is also the portal to the pictures you make at our interactive photo ride. View, share and directly buy your home copy – all via our app. By combining this the app offers exploration, relevance, and a great way to connect directly with the park.

Together with that picture ride and an ordering system the Yumble app is the first to form an ecosystem designed to make the park money – unlike other apps!


After extensive play-testing the app was rolled out on iOS and Android. After only a few months we could see our hard work had paid off: not only is it the first augmented theme park app of its kind, but the app also racked up over (n) downloads, as well as selling a lot of photos to a lot of happy visitors!

Want to see how you can offer your visitors a new dimension of fun? Contact us and see how TWNKLS can make augmented reality work for you.