Wemo Operator System

How will the worker of the future work? How can we offer him offer the information he needs whilst also letting him focus on his work? How can we connect worker, machine and company? These are questions that the industry has been asking for years. With Hololens we can now finally answer them.

TWNKLS has teamed up with WEMO, a manufacturer of high-end sheet metal production lines, to empower the worker of the future. We created an application for Microsoft Hololens which lets an operator monitor and operate a production line. The application also offers scheduling support as well as predictive maintenance and remote assistance. The result is is a flexible solution that is truly the first of its kind. This mobile and hands-free solution lets an operator focus on what he does best: making products!

Our app perfectly ties into the ideas of Industry 4.0, the next big leap in manufacturing. This is about empowering workers via smarter working environments, to let them focus on creating value in a safe and reliable way. This is especially necessary on the factory floor. Operators need to operate machines, handle products, and have total control of their process wherever they are. Failure to do so can result in production stops, faults or even personal injury.


We used a user-centered approach to find the operator’s needs: a mobile flexible solution that lets the machine talk to him. The machine communicates only when it needs to, and lets the operator focus on his work. The cutting edge technology of the Hololens enables us to show clear and steady information in the worker’s context.

Our application uses an information center which the operator can summon, and allows him direct control over the machine. The machine uses smart IoT sensors to offer predictive maintenance that minimizes downtime. We used to unique capabilities of Hololens to offer remote assistance. Just push a button and you can stream what you are looking at directly to a remote expert. Imagine how much faster you can solve a production problem! All this functionality is at your fingertips where and when you need it, but still leaves your hands free to actually perform your tasks.


The result is complete control of schedule and machine, whether you are stacking products or walking down the production line. The benefits are clear: significantly less downtime, a first-time right operation every time, and a happier and more effective operator. By giving an instant expertise to whoever wears it our system reduces the time needed in training and education considerably.

By pioneering this technology WEMO and TWNKLS have created a new wave in worker support.

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