Rexel SmartSun

Solar panels can be difficult to sell. How will they really look on your roof, and when will they have earned themselves back? The TWNKLS solar panel configurator shows this visually and clearly. Use our app to measure your roof, visualize your solar panels and directly see the ROI. By doing our app greatly boosts conversion and makes for empowered salesmen and more satisfied customers.

With 2300 branches in 37 countries the Rexel Group is the worldwide leader in electrical engineering products. Rexel’s mission is to support clients across the globe at creating value and a more efficient business environment.  So when they needed a way to streamline the process of selling solar panels they came to TWNKLS. Because to sell and install solar panels you have to go up on the roof to measure, pick a panel configuration with the customer, then send that off for calculation. This not only requires a number of trips from a sales rep, it also needlessly hassles your customer.

We wanted to reduce that whole process to one trip as well as making it more insightful and satisfying to the customer. And by coupling quick and faithful measuring with rich visualizations we managed to do exactly that!

augmented reality sales configurator

augmented reality sales configuratoraugmented reality sales configurator

Our tool simply installs on the salesman’s iPad and takes a few easy steps. You take two pictures of the customer’s roof, and say where the corners of the roof are on each picture. The app then combines those measurements with sensor data to make a virtual reconstruction of the roof.

You can then select solar panels from the built-in product catalogue and directly configure in real-time where you want to place your panels. This all comes out as a nice visualization to your customer which shows them how their roof will look and, because we also know the angle of the roof and its orientation relative to the south, can also accurately tell how quickly the panels will start paying for themselves. A complete quote with visualization, purchase order and ROI: all within the span of 15 minutes!

We reduced a process that took days to mere minutes. The app has proved a hit with salesmen across Rexel, and has significantly grown the number of new sales. The elegance of this powerful solution was also recognized by the Dutch Interactive Awards, resulting in a nomination for 2014. Just imagine how such a powerful platform can help your sales process and boost your bottom line.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can put augmented reality to work in your company!