Rexel SmartSun


Empowering installers to visualize and sell more solar panels

Augmented Reality Application for iOS that enables the Energy engineer to visualize solar panels on the roof of the customer and calculate the ROI, based on the location, direction, area and slope of the roof.


Rexel asked Twnkls | Augmented Reality to design and develop an interactive sales tool to facilitate and support their salesforce. TWNKLS’ Enterprise Augmented Reality solution helps the sales representative by measuring the roof, configuring the solar panel setup and visualizing the solar panels on customers’ roof.

Key features of the App:

  • Measure a roof using just an iPad;
  • Configure the solar panel setup by selecting items from a product catalog;
  • Visualize the solar panels on customers’ roof;
  • Calculate the solar energy output of the photovoltaic system;
  • Calculate the total costs of the installation;
  • Calculate the Return on Investment;
  • Generate a quotation for the customer.

How it works

  • User downloads the app to their ipad.
  • Launches the app and selects by tapping on the screen the corners of the roof.
  • The iPad reconstructs the roof, using sensor and visual information
  • User can add virtual solar panels to the roof
  • The software calculates the customers’ specific situation
  • Solar energy output and total cost, based on roof slope, orientation, selected configuration and Hespul data
  • Sales can send a quote & photo of situation-to-be directly from the iPad to the customer

Configurator / calculator

The app helps the installer / Rexel show/visualize the different options and what it means for the customer.
After configuration the app will show:

  • Costs of materials (panels)
  • Costs of Labour
  • Slope of roof
  • Roof-direction (North, South, West, East)
  • Area of roof
  • Number and model Panels
  • Investment and Savings and Pay-back time / ROI

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We reduced a process that took days to mere minutes. The app has proved a hit with salesmen across Rexel, and has significantly grown the number of new sales. The elegance of this powerful solution was also recognized by the Dutch Interactive Awards, resulting in a nomination for 2014.

Just Imagine how the sales cycles of a kitchens, bathrooms, heaters, furniturestairlifts and other heavy installations can be revolutionized this way and boost your bottom line.

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