New Years campaign for the Dutch National Lottery

The Oudjaaractie (New Years Campaign) of the Nederlandse Staatsloterij (The Dutch National Lottery) is an Augmented Reality campaign created by Doom & Dickson and developed by TWNKLS and  ShopAround.

To use the application you need the App and a Staatslot (Lottery ticket). The ticket is scanned and an interactive animation starts. Users can choose from different options in order to compose their own dream holiday. First a globe appears, you can choose your destination and depending of this choice a snow island, a tropical island or an urban island appears. The 3D islands are interactive, depending on what you choose the holiday is arranged. The campaign was a share and win campaign, 3 winners actually celebrated New Years eve in style on their dream location.

The application has some hidden content. By clicking the screen some hidden objects or interactions could be found.

TWNKLS is very proud of the results, also when we consider the conversion and effect of the campaign. But besides the good results we very much like the small and large surprises that are in the app. This application was a great way to give Augmented Reality a podium for a broad and different audience to enjoy.

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