Otolift Appstairs Measure

A stairlift is not only a very emotional product, but also one that is nearly always custom-made. After all no two stairwells are alike. Otolift, a leading stairlift manufacturer, asked TWNKLS how to streamline the involved measuring process that such a complex product requires. Our resulting app ecosystem has reduced their sales cycles by weeks, saving greatly on costs whilst reducing errors.

Traditionally if you wanted a stairlift a salesperson would come by your house and configure (using Appstairs View shown here), after which a separate person would have to come by and measure up your stairwell, a complex and fault-prone process that takes a good 30 minutes. Not only does it take long, it also is prone to error. Appstairs Measure uses our proprietary vision based MarkerSLAM technology to let you simply walk along the stairs and use our direct feedback to scan the stairwell. The only skill required is holding an iPad as opposed to the complex measuring tools of before. The output is an high quality measurement in 15 minutes, and an accurate 3D model of the stairwell with less than 0.2% error – ready for engineers to use!

The effect has been great: together with the Appstairs view the Appstairs system saves Otolift expensive and intrusive customer visits for their elderly and disables customers, reduces errors, increases conversion, and most importantly makes for more satisfied customers. The advanced technology used has made it the clear winner of the 2013 AWE Auggie awards.  Due to the versatile nature of our platform this solution can be applied to other products that require a high degree of custom work. Imagine how fitting a kitchen or bathroom can be revolutionized this way.

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