Otolift Appstairs

The request

A stairlift is not only a very emotional product, it’s also a product that is nearly always custom-made. Otolift, a leading stairlift manufacturer sold in 24 countries, asked TWNKLS how to streamline the sales/installation process that such a custom-made product requires. Our resulting stairlift configurator ecosystem did just that, as it’s:

- Reduced the sales cycles drastically by weeks,
- Saved greatly on costs due to minimizing errors
- Increased conversion rate as the stairlift is real-life visible in the customer’s house

Traditionally if you wanted a stairlift a salesperson would come by your house, and show you folders and samples of fabric and would have to measure up your stairwell, a complex and fault-prone process that takes a good +30 minutes.

Our AR app

We chose to let the power of Augmented Reality shorten that process. Our App, based on proprietary vision let you simply walk along the stairs to scan the stairwell. The only skill required is holding an iPad as opposed to the complex measuring tools of before. Furthermore, our app guides you through all possibilities and configurations, and lets you see exactly how your stairlift will look directly in your stairwell. You can choose your configuration, the curves and even your colour.

 The results

- High quality measurement in 15 minutes,
- Accurate 3D model of the stairwell with less than 0.2% error, ready for factory engineers to use.
- A real-life photo of the customers stairlift configuration directly added to the sales quote

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The app has been streamlined and becoming the standard for the Otolift sales process in all 24 markets. This scale, the business value and the user experience has resulted in being the winner:

- The 2013 MMMA award for Best Mobile Platform
- The 2013 AWE Auggie award for best business application.

Imagine how the sales cycles of a kitchens, bathrooms, heaters, furniture, solar panels and other heavy installations can be revolutionized this way.


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