Remote collaboration in the Dutch healthcare

TWNKLS is innovation partner for the Dutch Healthcare

TWNKLS is very proud and honoured to the be partner of “New Learning in Care” (Nieuw leren in de zorg). This consortium is an innovation and development platform for Dutch healthcare professionals.

AR offers tremendous possibilities to empower healthcare professionals. To discover whether or not AR and remote collaboration improves the quality of care and makes it more efficient, we started with two challenges:

You can be in more than one place at the same time

The first challenge we would like to tackle is the fact that for many healthcare professionals time is often a scarce resource. Many of them often wish that they could be in more than one place at the same time. This most certainly applies to assessors who are testing employees on the correct use of the high-risk operations protocols. Would it be possible for assessors to test employees over distance via remote collaboration?  And will this result in the benefit of less travel time and assessing more employees?

Make learning interactive

The second challenge is about students who need to learn these high-risk actions that require special competence. These actions are described in the Vilans KICK protocols. And every practitioner knows there’s a difference between reading about something and actually doing it. This is often a completely different experience. Would it not be better for students to see and learn these protocols at the same time as practicing them on their fellow students, getting the right information at the right time?

The solution

During the pilot, started in December 2017 healthcare professionals from Reinaerde, Vitras, St. Pieters and Bloklands Gasthuis and the students from the school ROC Midden Nederland will practice high-risk procedures with AR glasses. They will receive instructions via a small screen in the glasses during the execution of an action. The assessor watches simultaneously through a camera that is in the glasses and can check if everything is done in the right order.  He or she will also have the opportunity to give direct feedback via voice or messages and can draw up a report with the test results.

It is very positive to know that all the partners are enthusiastic and collectively have noted many future possibilities for AR in the healthcare sector. The first results of the pilot will be available in the beginning of 2018.

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This innovative pilot was initiated by the Consortium New Learning in Healthcare, in collaboration with Zorgpact Midden Nederland / Utrecht Zorg.

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