Augmented Maintenance and Learning

With some maintenance and repair tasks failure simply is not an option. Imagine being able to perform maintenance without needing highly specific knowledge, to work 30% faster with 95% less errors. TWNKLS’ Augmented Reality helps you do exactly that by offering an clear and insightful way of guiding you along the maintenance process.

For a lot of technical tasks costs of mistakes can be enormous, yet what you need to do tends to be very complex and require a lot of knowledge. As such companies have to rely on extensive training, cumbersome manuals, and expensive specialists to get the job done right. Together with the STC group, the Dutch leader in maritime education, TWNKLS created an application which uses direct contextual visualization to give the worker the information all the info he nees where he needs it – unambiguous, insightful and instantly. As a result errors are nearly eliminated and the time needed to finish is reduced drastically.

Our process is based on extensive scientific research on task fulfillment and the offering of instruction. We found that current methods of instruction distract the user from his working context and require his to process large amounts of information. We chose to augment a Yanmar diesel injection pump from a small ship: a complex and critical component that can bring a ship to a standstill and cost a fortune in downtime. We use augmented reality to recognize what you are looking at and filter information accordingly. And guide you through your task with information directly onto the subject itself. Using our proprietary tracking and recognition we get a high fidelity augmentation that works where others give up. Our video shows you more about how we do it.

The result is very exciting. Relatively unskilled workers can be empowered to perform tricky tasks without error. And in a world where small faults can sometimes cause huge consequences it is reassuring to know we can finally consistently deliver the quality your business deserves. We can use the worker’s usage statistics and logs to ensure the most efficient working process. And by using our proprietary technology we can provide faithful information on the workplace where light is low and conditions are rough – places where traditional tracking technology simply doesn’t work. Proving that augmented reality is the most natural translation between information and action.

We are constantly evolving this platform, with an eyewear version being developed as we speak.

If you are ready to empower your workers be sure to contact us – let’s change the industry together.