Shock absorbers are made out of countless high-accuracy components sourced from all over the world. How they come together defines the performance of the final product. Because of this it is essential to guide the flow of parts through the factory in a smooth and effective way. Picking these parts is still a human task, one that places a lot of load on the skill and memory of your order pickers. Any mistake made here can be very costly: getting it right first time is key to running a lean operation.

So when Koni, the leading manufacturer of high-performance shock absorbers and part of the global ITT group, asked us to create a wearable warehousing solution we knew that we could make a huge difference in efficiency.


We created a trial application that uses an Epson BT200 to show an order picker which parts to pick while keeping his hands free to do so. No more endless tickets, no more smudgy lists. The system automatically updates your list and validates what you have picked. Because of this it needs no user input and lets your picker focus on what he does best: orderpicking. The result is a quicker part picking process that works first time right no matter how skilled your picker is.

And it’s not just the picker that benefits: you can also monitor your parts flow real time. See what was picked when, and which part is where. This allows you to plan tighter in the security that you’ll be first to know when something occurs. Overall our system combines flexibility with control, ensuring a fault-free picking process the way you need it.


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