IKEA Place

Our latest production is the new AR furniture configurator, IKEA Place. The application is available both for iOS and Android. IKEA Place was even the launching app for the release of ARKit and ARCore. IKEA Place represents the latest effort towards IKEA’s digital transformation and is changing the way people buy furniture.

“IKEA Place makes it easier to make buying decisions in your own Place, to get inspired and try many different products, styles, and colors in real-life settings with a swipe of your finger. Augmented reality and virtual reality will be a total game changer for retail in the same way as the internet. Only this time, much faster.” As said by Michael Valdsgaard, Leader Digital Transformation​ ​at​ ​Inter​ ​IKEA​ ​Systems.

IKEA Place lets you virtually ‘place’ IKEA products in your space. It lets you bring your furniture home before you buy it. The app includes thousands of 3D and true-to-scale furniture models from sofas and armchairs to footstools and coffee tables. IKEA Place gives you an accurate impression of the furniture’s size, design and functionality in your home so you can stop wondering and start doing. The app allows you to share your ‘place’ so you can design together with your partner, friends and family.
IKEA Place is constantly being evolved into an even better experience. Since March 2018 IKEA Place features one of the first implementations of a visual search: simply point your phone at an existing piece of furniture you are interested in and you will receive a suggested item from the IKEA catalogue. Using Visual AI, the app recognizes the furniture and shows you similar IKEA products. Click here to see what Techcrunch has to say about IKEA Place’s visual search.



Key features of the app

Simply looking at the numbers shows you the success of IKEA Place:

  • Available for iOS and Android (using ARKit and ARCore)
  • Over 3.000.000 downloads
  • Thousands of unique IKEA products available
  • Available in over 35 regions in more than 50 languages
  • The most popular non-gaming AR app on iOS worldwide
  • First version realized in 9 weeks
  • Mentioned as one of THE examples of how to use AR by Apple (https://www.apple.com/ios/augmented-reality/)


See what others have to say about IKEA Place:

Be sure to look out for updates! More IKEA products and additional functionality are constantly being developed.


Check out IKEA Place on the iOS App Store  and Google Play Store to experience it for yourself!