The Artist Ocean

This spring TWNKLS debuted a brand new technology at a brand new digital theme park: a magical holographic ocean which kids can fill with their very own colored creations. At the start of this project we wanted to give kids a way to express their creativity, but also let them share this experience with their family and friends. And what better way than to have them draw?


So we devised a setup that allows you to color a range of coloring pages to your heart’s intent. And when you’re happy with your creation you walk up to a scanning point, see your fish come to life right in front of you, and release it into the fish tank to swim around with its friends! For that we made a giant 20 foot holographic fish tank by using a Pepper’s Ghost projection. We coupled that with a coloring page scanning point, that was not only designed in-house, but also uses our latest Edge Based Tracking method. It also features a big screen for feedback and a shiny red button to set your fish free.

Meaning that after months of successful operation we have not only made a splash with a turn-key attraction that’s guaranteed to amaze, but also given thousands of happy children a chance to make their very own fishy friends!

Curious? Feel free to contact us to see how we can make augmented reality work for you!