Interactive shopping window at Christmasworld 2013

Every year in January the Frankfurter Fair, or Frankfurter messe, is submerged in Christmas, it is the anual Christmasworld Fair. At this event all the big players come together to check out the new trends and do shopping for the next year.

Window Wonderland

The physical window combined with the 3D animation

In cooperation with 2Dezign TWNKLS has created and developed a concept with which we can project different themes onto an existing shopping window. An iPad can be shaken like a snowdome to have different atmospheres, in this case a space theme, an aquamarine theme and, of course a Christmas theme. Many attendants of the fair were surprised and enthousiastic about the fact that you can use a limited amount of space to show more then the space would normally allow with projections of 3D objects. Amongst the interested parties were Disney, Tivoli amusementpark but also owners of shopping malls or Decoration companies.

This concept has been created using the newest state of the art technology. SLAM tracking technology, developed by 13th Lab, made it possible to augment the reality without the use of markers. The shopping window itself with its contents can be scanned and the physical environment was transformed to a 3D map. This technology also makes it possible to really look in all directions, walk around and have 3D objects ‘hide’ behind real life objects. The result is a beautiful merge of the real and the augmented reality.

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