CCV Safety Check

Each year the Dutch Center for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV) performs the Safety Check campaign, in which owners of small businesses all over the country are surveyed on location on how secure their stores are. This results in a number of pointers on how to improve their store’s safety.

Our mission was to revive the general interest in the campaign as well as create more meaningful advice for the recipients. By creating an augmented reality survey app TWNKLS has devised a fresh new way of supporting the surveyor in giving contextual insights that truly matter to the shop owner.

We came together with the CCV to analyze their current strategy and devise a way to improve on that. Previously the survey was done with men in the street that had a form to fill in and gave some general pointers. This was found to be too abstract for both the surveyor and the store owner.

So we made an app that guides the surveyor through their analysis of the shop’s safety using a clean and simple interface. On top of that we capture the shop’s context to give safety advice directly on the affected areas. So if, for example, your cash register is easy to look into — the Safety Check app not only shows the dangers of that, but also shows how to improve your situation.
All of this empowers the surveyor in his conversation with the shop owner, and also gives that shop owner a clear and graphical overview of how to improve and why.

After a few months in the field our app has received overwhelmingly positive reactions. The surveyors felt well aided by how the app supported their analysis, whereas store owners were impressed by the insightful advices given. This resulted in a large increase in both successful Safety Checks as well in major media coverage for the whole campaign. By applying user insights to our AR know-how TWNKLS has not only created the entirely new category of augmented surveys, but also helped make the world a safer place!

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