Lamborghini Academy


In conjunction with Innovam, the training institute for the automotive industry in the Netherlands, TWNKLS developed an Augmented Learning application for Lamborghini. Via the use of Augmented Reality technology, the app helps to clarify learning objectives and illuminates small, easily missed details for employees at the Lamborghini Academy.


The challenges

As Lamborghini continues to innovate in car and feature design, there is a growing need for visualization and explanation.  This is further complicated by the fact that employees are based all over the world and must be trained in a very short time. Within the Blended Learning approach of Innovam, TWNKLS developed an Augmented Training application to aid the training of Lamborghini engineers and sales consultants.

Trainers now have a tool at their disposal that provides insight into complex mechanical technology by displaying it in 3D. More abstract concepts, such as aerodynamics and wheel suspension, become visual.

The results

In a very short time, the educational and learning objectives were translated into an Augmented Reality application that was employed in training prior to the launch of Lamborghini’s new cars. By simply viewing the actual car through a tablet, users are presented with detailed technical information on the operation, coherence and dependencies of its parts. This hugely enriches the training experience and enables the intended learning objectives to be even better realized.

In addition, the app provides sales consultants around the world with a tool to visualize and demonstrate the latest technical facts and accessories during the sales talk in the showroom. And because the application was so well received by customers, the enthusiasm of consultants to sell and service new Lamborghini models also grew.

More to come

Currently, TWNKLS and Innovam are exploring how we can further expand the interactive learning and guided selling application, with the ultimate goal of making Augmented Reality an integral part of training within the Lamborghini Academy. Want more information? Get in contact with us via [email protected]