Applus+ RTD, augmented welding inspection

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is especially true for welds; a mere cracked weld on a high pressure pipe or a failed joint on a skyscraper can cause a catastrophe. With the TWNKLS welding inspection app you can avoid that, empowering your workforce and preventing huge failure costs.

It is crucial that all welds are known to be to the highest standard. To test that your first stop would be Applus+ RTD, the global leader in non-destructive testing. Over 75 years their expertise in analyzing welds has reduced risks and downtime greatly, whilst ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

NDT however is quite a science, and the results require a lot of interpretation. Applus+ asked TWNKLS to help make those results more insightful and contextual. We combined their advanced IWEX (Inverse Wave Field Extrapolation)  data with a direct visualization of data onto the actual weld. Our solution resulted in a much better understanding of faults by the workforce, manager and client.

The Applus+ IWEX technology uses an imaging approach over the traditional plot-based techniques. This lends itself very well to augmentation: defects are shown as coloured volumes which can be easily assessed for severity. We take all this 3D Data and extrapolate that into a real world image. Our application uses a custom 3D-printed ring to be placed around the inspected pipe to offer a faithful augmentation directly where you need it. Now you can measure, visualize and share those results in one easy situation. Direct contextual visualization ensures fewer welds being unfairly rejected whilst raising safety levels.

Our solution proved to be easy to use, clear, and insightful – exactly what you want from testing data!

Something that results in empowered users and a happy client.

Rienk de Vries, technical director at Applus+ RTD, said:

“The augmented reality application takes our IWEX technology to the next level as operators are able to observe an image of the defect on the weld itself. The augmented reality application is also great for training purposes, helping you to understand the 3D presentation of the weld. We believe it is a revolutionary step in Non Destructive Testing technology. This can save millions.”

The solution embodies exactly how TWNKLS sees augmented reality: as the most natural translation between information and action. We are strengthened in this view by the jury of the 2014 AWE Augmented World Expo, who made us finalists for the Auggie for the Best Enterprise AR solution.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can put augmented reality to work in your company!