Indoor positioning with VIO tracking using TWNKLS NGT

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  It’s clear that AR tracking technology has come a long way since we started TWNKLS seven years ago. Back then, the available computer vision technologies allowed us to recognize and track small artificial patterns (‘markers’) and Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) was just becoming possible on mobile devices. At that time, a physical marker was [...]

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Client in the spotlight: IKEA


  Let’s get everybody started: what is IKEA Place about? The mobile application IKEA Place allows users to furnish their home virtually through Augmented Reality (AR). The world’s most downloaded non-game AR application allows consumers to choose from more than 3000 virtual furniture pieces. IKEA Place is available in 40+ countries and currently sits atop [...]

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How AR is transforming Supply Chain Management

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On October 4, a special SCM program took place: connect to innovate. Where multiple experts share their vision for the future of supply chain management. My own session was part of the afternoon program, which gave me the opportunity to listen in the morning to the story of Patrick Crampton-Thomas, VP SAP Supply Chain Management. [...]

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IKEA PLACE allows people to virtually place furniture in their home

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*** TWNKLS and SPACE10 developed and launched the IKEA PLACE app. Here is the press release. *** Ikea partnered with Space10, and MDC Partners, agencies 72andSunny Amsterdam,​ ​Assembly​ ​and​ ​Allison+Partners​ ​to​ ​develop​ ​and​ ​bring​ ​Ikea​ ​Place​ ​to​ ​market.   Ikea Place marks a significant milestone in the Ikea digital transformation journey and kickstarts a [...]

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Empower your operator with the TWNKLS STAR Platform

The TWNKLS STAR Platform is designed for clients that want to give their operators in the field more freedom in their work. The business AR Platform provides your company the benefits of augmented reality without having to commit to something that you know is going to change anyway. No vendor lock-in, no planned obsolescence, full benefits to you [...]

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Client in the spotlight: WEMO

When shopping for the best Augmented Reality (AR) solution, no two clients are the same. However, they often do have similar questions and concerns. Here, we share the journey of one of our clients, WEMO, before they decided to work with TWNKLS. Together with WEMO, specialist in designing and building high output machine lines for forming [...]

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A safer, more secure world with Augmented Reality

Recently, TWNKLS teamed up with the Dutch police and the Delft University of Technology to have a closer look at how AR can add value in the domain of safety and security; and with very positive results! Here we share some of the lessons we’ve learned. Safety & security From saving lives to safeguarding sensitive information, [...]

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Augmented Reality: Enabling the future

The first three parts of our series on augmented reality have showcased current solutions that make Industry 4.0 possible. This final article will focus on how the field of AR will develop in the future. A future made possible by advancing technology and an ever-growing adoption of augmented reality. The next generation of smart glasses [...]

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A smarter workfloor with Augmented Reality.

Our previous installment showed how training your workers with augmented reality can help them perform quicker with fewer mistakes. This story will be about using AR to make your workers’ daily work easier and help them solve problems in a quick and efficient way. Augmented measuring AR can be used to show digital information in [...]

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Augmented Training: learn while doing

As we learned in our first publication augmented reality lets you share information in a clear, concise, and contextual way. This makes it ideal for training purposes. In this installment we will show you how AR training can be used to cut assembly times by almost a third while reducing on-the-job mistakes by over 90%. [...]

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