2016 Dutch Interactive Awards nominations


We have been nominated for the 2016 DIA, in the best tools category for our communication and education tool for the Golden Room in the Mauritshuis, which we developed with the Mauritshuis and Shell. Using this app, visitors of the museum can restore the works of the artist Pellegrini, discover a strange white bloom and colour in the works in augmented reality. The award show will be held on the 26th of May and we will then find out if we have been able to capitalise on the nomination.

Four out of seven, DIA PRO

Out of the seven Dutch Interactive Awards that have been held, our CTO Lex van der Sluijs and his team have already received four nominations in four years for their projects, for which he mainly developed computer vision algorithms and software architecture. We are proud that Lex is nominated for a Dutch Interactive Professional Awards for Best in Technology

Pioneering with META


TWNKLS is one of the first companies developing applications for META’s Augmented Reality Glasses. Recently we were featured as one of the META Pioneers with our Augmented Sculpting App: Clay. With clay users can sculpt with their hands to make beautiful augmented reality artworks. Read the complete article over here.

META is counting down to a big announcement of their next generation technology. Robert Scoble got an early demo by META and is really excited about it as well, calling it “the most important demo since Apple Macintosh”.

Virtual (R)evolution


Virtual and augmented reality are bursting with potential. The market has also picked up on this and interest has never been so high for these rapidly developing technologies. As the technology matures and becomes more accessible it is gaining traction in an increasing number of markets. How about a manufacturer of stair lifts that uses a user friendly system with markers and a tablet to not only accurately measure a stairwell but also faithfully visualize in real-time how your stair lift will look. Or what about developing a training course for maintaining expensive machinery party in AR an VR, or even a VR training that helps anxiety sufferers overcome their fears. And this is just what’s possible now; imagine what the future will bring!

For those of you who are already familiar with AR and VR the Virtual Revolution event in Veldhoven is the perfect chance to discover new solutions and find valuable partners for your business. And for those who aren’t up to speed with AR and VR it’s a great chance to learn more about how it can work for you.

The event will take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March in the Koningshof Conference Center in Veldhoven. Visit their website for more information or register for a free visit.

We’ll see you there!

The Unmanned Systems Expo


The Unmanned Systems Expo (TUSExpo) is a dedicated and focused business platform, unique in bringing together European and global companies from the entire Unmanned Systems supply chain with customers and end-users. For the 2nd year this event provided opportunities for new international cooperation in the Unmanned Systems industry. The locations was superb, the World Forum in The Hague (NL).

Visiting TUSExpo means looking for, learning from and meeting people from the Unmanned World off Security, Safety, Inspection, Farming, Fishery, Science, Industry, Oil & Gas, Ecommerce, Logistics, Weather Forecasting, Animal, Environment Conservation and more.

TWNKLS was happy to showcase their augmented reality solutions for training and instruction, remote assistance together with companies who are leading the transformation of unmanned systems showcasing every aspect of the trends and developments serving your needs. TUSExpo is an high profile event were all segments of the unmanned industry and their entire supply chain will be represented. In the live demonstration zones the exhibitors demonstrate their products & applications to their targeted audience.


Getting Smart 2015


The Rotterdam Science Tower was the backdrop for the 2015 Getting Smart event. The event combined key industry players with tech firms and their services. Featuring inspirational sessions on Smart Education, Smart Security, Smart Technology and Smart Innovators, the event featured speakers such as former prime minister Balkenende and the Rifkin organization.
The broad range of standholders, from Adobe to Heerema, ensured interesting connections. TWNKLS was not only present with a stand demonstrating our maintenance and learning solutions, but we were also invited to speak at two ‘break out sessions’, in which we spread the word of augmented reality. All in all a great day and a lot of new inspiration.
We want to thank the organization for making this lovely event possible.

Dutch Design Week 2015


SUPERFAST is an annual event covering crossovers in design, innovation and packaging. SUPERFAST aims to inspire the audience through short presentations by influential experts. This years theme is ‘Packaging Connects – Connected Packaging’.

TWNKLS is invited to speak, we are looking forward to see you at SUPERFAST on October 23rd 2015 (http://www.pdma.nl/activiteiten/superfast_eindhoven_ism_vnv__bno).

We also released the SUPERFAST app for use during the conference, available for Android and iOS.

Technology as game changer for maintenance


During the Smart Maintenance Event visitors will get an overview of current and upcoming state-of-the-art technologies to support maintenance processes. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to exchange knowledge with specialists in this area of expertise.

The Smart Maintenance Event (http://www.smc-congres.nl) takes place on October 13th 2015 in The Netherlands and is renowned in the industry for the quality of the workshops and presentations, the pragmatic character and as networking event with best in class organizations in the field of

TWNKLS and Applus+RTD will host a workshop in which we will demonstrate our AR Weld Inspection Solution. We are looking forward to meet you and talk to you about our maintenance enabling technoloy!

Technology Expo 2015


A rainy start of October was the backdrop of the first ever Technology Expo in London (URL). The event has a broad focus, with tracks for emerging technology, augmented reality technology and contextual technology. We at TWNKLS of course love new initiatives and thus not only backed the event as Gold Sponsor but also had a strong presence with a stand showcasing our latest solutions and a few keynotes on augmented enterprise solutions and about the future of AR in terms of tech and user.

Of course the other players in the AR world were there as well, with interesting new SDKs being rolled out by Kudan and Engine Creative, as well as of course HP Aurasma. That combined with what Catchoom and AR Media offer makes for a varied choice for developers. It was interesting to see some nice combinations being made between AR and VR, such as what Draw & Code made. Read more

Smart Glasses for safety and Security applications


October 9th 2015 to October 11th 2015 is the Dutch Week of Security (‘Week van de Veiligheid‘). In this week several events are being organized to raise public awareness about safety and security.
To kick-off this week the Government of Rotterdam organized a breakfast in the City Hall, with mr. Ard van der Steur (Minister of Security and Justice.) and Ahmed Aboutaleb (Mayor of Rotterdam) attending and speaking. During this event several recent developments in safety and security were presented.

TWNKLS was invited to give a presentation about our developments in the area of Smart Glasses for safety and security applications. We posted some photos on our Facebook page.

The Technology Expo will inspire, amaze and encourage collaboration through technology. London 5 -6 October.


The Technology Expo 2015 is set to showcase the next generation in technology & innovation, providing an insight into the cutting edge, innovative and inspiring advancements in design, technology and business. More information http://www.the-tech-expo.com

This two day event will feature two dedicated high level conference tracks focusing on Contextual & Location Technologies & Augmented Reality, as well as free to attend developer workshops & showcases of Virtual Reality, IoT, Wearables, 3D Printing and Emerging Technologies within the exhibition.

Read more