Dichter en Bauer boek komt tot leven


Dichter en Bauer is een applicatie die gebruikmaakt van Augmented Reality om het omslag van het gelijknamige boek van Guus Bauer tot leven te wekken. De afbeelding op de cover is gebaseerd op het schilderij Der arme Poet uit 1839 van Carl Spitzweg, dat een dichter op zijn lekkende zolder laat zien. Dit kamertje is driedimensionaal nagebouwd en Guus Bauer is daar, met een aantal van zijn schamele bezittingen, door middel van een scan virtueel aan het werk gezet. De 3D techniek maakt het mogelijk om de zolder vanuit verschillende perspectieven te bekijken.
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twnkls @ Unite 2012


TWNKLS joined unite 2012

Unite is the annual conference for developers, publishers and enthusiasts interested in Unity. It is four days in August packed with advanced hands-on class tutorials and technical sessions about the market-leading platform for creating high quality video games, training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations, and other 3D interactive content.

Of course the TWNKLS augmented reality team was there to share the latest information.
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Content en AR

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Content is King. Zonder goede content is je app of website waardeloos. Als we echter kijken naar de huidige generatie AR apps, zie je vaak dat de content ondergeschikt is en de technologie King. Mensen gebruiken je app omdat ze iets willen weten, of omdat ze vermaakt willen worden. De app moet hun doelen ondersteunen. AR zou alleen gebruikt moeten worden als het de content kan ondersteunen.
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Museum Next Barcelona, Ferry our Keynote speaker

This year Europe’s big conference on the digital side of museums will take place in Barcelona, bringing together  museum professionals from around the world to share best practice, encourage new thinking and to discuss ‘what next?’.

We used augmented reality, now what?  is one of the keynotes by Hein Wils (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) & Ferry Piekart, Independent Consultant
UAR and ARtours are two very successful augmented reality projects. Both received raving reviews and were  labelled ‘best practices’. But can they ultimately live up to the hype? The risk of ending up as just a costly gimmick is ever present. How can AR projects like these get incorporated into the strategy of a museum?

We at twnkls prepared an augmented experience for this keynote at Museum Next, we do hope you like ‘em. Photo’s and movie comming soon.


twnkls | augmented reality is a full-service AR bureau that focuses on the creation, development, production and implementation of mobile AR applications. Our clients are  epresented in the sectors edutainment and musea, marketing & branding, construction and industry.

twnkls is creative and innovative, and has ample technical knowledge and experience in the area of Augmented Reality projects. At twnkls experienced specialists are working together on new location-and image based recognition technologies that result in new forms of interaction, user experience and business concepts.

DEAF2012 Augmented Society, AR workshop.


This year the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) is about The Power of Things. Augmented Reality is part of that programm.

Augmented Reality is applied more and more in specific domains (advertising, location based services). But the utopic future in which everybody lives continuously in an augmented or mixed reality seems just as far away as ever. In the (technical, academic) AR community this is often attributed to current technical constraints, but it can be argued there are societal reasons as well; ranging from privacy concerns to aversion to being disconnected of the physical body. For example: imagine walking in the city and seeing the medical status of passersby augmented on their back.

To develop the subject of AR the DEAF2012 Festival is organizing three events linked to the “Augmented Society.” First, we’ll have a debate on May 19th focusing on societal constraints limiting a hypothetical utopian AR future. Second, we’re offering a two-day workshop, which will be the perfect opportunity to think about the future of AR, and visualize your concepts in viral-ready mock-up videos. The twnkls team will support three experts on video (Keiichi Matsuda, Jan Klug and Olivier Otten) and will guide the workshop and the results will be shown in the DEAF program on Saturday.

Finally, “Augmented Society: Meet the Scene” will be a great opportunity to extend your network and continue the discussion started during the debate in a more informal setting.

Join the workshop (here) during DEAF2012 to gather information, develop your comprehension of the subject and share your visions of the phenomenon.


IPON2012 Augmented Learning presentatie


De vijfde editie van IPON, het Onderwijs en ICT Congres en Vakbeurs verbond dit jaar theorie en praktijk met elkaar. In de Jaarbeurs Utrecht waren naast een uitgebreid beursprogramma ook zeer veel interessante en inspirerende workshops en presentaties.

Vanuit twnkls kreeg Gerben de mogelijkheid om op 28 maart jl. in het rode Theater een lezing te geven over Augmented Reality met daarbij de nadruk op Augmented Learning.

Op de beursvloer stonden diverse nationale en internationale leveranciers. Naast de verschillende leermethodieken sprak ons natuurlijk het ruime aanbod van lesmiddelen zeer aan. Smartboards, touchtables en tablets maken tegenwoordig deel uit van het standaard klaslokaal. Nieuwe manieren van kennis leren en kennis delen, door middel van nieuwe technologie impulsen, doen hun intrede.

Hoe kan Augmented Reality hieraan een zinvolle bijdrage leveren? Tijdens de presentatie is inzage gegeven in de technische werking van AR, hoe AR producties opgezet en uitgerold kunnen worden. Aandachtspunt is dat de geboden verwondering en beleving aansluit op de gestelde leerdoelen. Het bedenken van geaugmenteerde toepassingen voor het onderwijs is enerzijds eenvoudig en anderzijds een mogelijke valkuil. Waak voor het 1:1 omzetten van bestaande lesstof naar een nieuwe technologie. Kijk of het zinvol is! Deze aspecten zijn besproken en getoond tijdens de workshop Augmented Learning.

De presentatie Augmented Learning is hier te vinden op SlideShare.


Vodafone Augmented Pre-Order campaign PS VITA


Succesful Augmented Reality commercial application in advertising

Last March, Vodafone launched a special Easter “Ei-like campaign” to promote the PS Vita packages that they offer. Together with Kontrast, twnkls made a successful mobile application for this campaign. The aim of this application is to show people how the PS Vita looks and feels; as you can experience a realistic AR visualisation of this handheld.
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Why to use Transitions

When we design an interface, we mostly focus on the lay-out, where to put every item, the hierarchy of items, and aesthetics. But what we forget, is to think about the transitions between pages, or in-page-actions and the transitions between different states.

For the user, it is important to know where he came from, from what page, and what path he has walked through the application. It’s important he understands the navigation, and that the flow he follows is natural and logical. To help him with that, we can use transitions; little and subtle animations that provide more feedback about the transition from one page/ state to another page/ state. Also, they give the user a better sense of control.
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Augmented Retail, the OBI 3D-Finder. Collect and win

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This Sunday the 18th of March, OBI will launch its spring campaign with its trademark Jumbo brochure (A1 size when folded open) that is distributed to over 17 million households in Germany. A major part of this campaign is the OBI 3D-Finder, an Augmented Reality game we created together with KONTRAST Communication Services from Düsseldorf. It is introduced on the cover of the brochure: the ”Grosses 3D-Gewinnspiel“.

In the game, participants are challenged to find five products on the pages, by browsing the pages with their smartphone or tablet. When a product is found, it comes alive in Augmented Reality, and it can be added to the player’s basket. When all five are found, the player can enter the sweepstakes to win one of ten coupons for 1000,- euros.
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Wij zoeken AR professionals. Versterk ons team


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Augmented Reality senior software ontwikkelaar

twnkls | augmented reality is het full-service AR bureau dat zich richt op het bedenken, ontwikkelen, produceren en implementeren van toonaangevende mobiele AR toepassingen. Wij werken samen met internationale opdrachtgevers en kennisinstituten aan producties voor verschillende sectoren zoals edutainment, retail, marketing & branding, bouw & industrie.

Wij zoeken een senior software ontwikkelaar met minimaal 4 jaar ervaring, WO denkniveau (technische informatica), ambitie en enthousiasme. Wij zoeken iemand met de juiste skills en de juiste attitude om ons succes verder uit te bouwen.
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