TWNKLS | augmented reality @ Virtual Revolution


Op 7, 8 en 9 maart staat TWNKLS op de Virtual Revolution in Veldhoven. Het evenement, dat uniek is in de Benelux, laat zien wat virtual en augmented reality voor de industrie kan betekenen. TWNKLS laat samen met haar opdrachtgevers succesvolle implementaties van augmented reality zien met betrekking tot training & instructie, maintenance & repair, remote expert en measure & visualisatie. Gerenommeerde eindgebruikers zoals WEMO en Innovam delen hun ervaringen, aanpak, visie en behaalde resultaten.


Augmented Reality: Kortere sales cycli en reduceren van uitval

TWNKLS zet augmented reality succesvol in om de verkoopprocessen van haar industriële opdrachtgevers te optimaliseren en bedrijfsprocessen te verbeteren. Bij WEMO, specialist in machinebouw en machineonderdelen, gaan de operators een volledige productielijn aansturen met een Hololens. Men verwacht daarmee 35% sneller te zijn en 90% minder fouten te maken.

Voor het internationale dealernetwerk van trapliftfabrikant Koninklijke Otolift ontwikkelde TWNKLS een sales tool. Door inzet van deze tool is het verkoopproces aanzienlijk verkort, de conversie verhoogd en de klantervaring verbeterd. Met een unieke meet tool meet men via een iPad de trap in met een maximale afwijking van <0,2%, waarmee uitval wordt geminimaliseerd en het pre-productieproces wordt verkort.

Momenteel ontwikkelt TWNKLS een software toepassing op een slimme bril voor de veiligheidsbranche. Deze oplossing zorgt voor relevante informatie aan de juiste persoon op het juiste moment en is daarmee een perfect hulpmiddel voor particuliere beveiligers en de politie.


Presentaties industriële toepassingen van augmented reality

Op woensdagmiddag 8 maart verzorgen sprekers zoals dr. Stephan Lukosch van de TU Delft en Jordy van de Velde van WEMO International presentaties over de toepassingen van augmented reality in de industrie en het veiligheidsdomein. Bernd-Jan de Rooij van Innovam, opleider in de mobiliteitsbranche, vertelt hoe augmented reality wordt toegepast in trainingen voor medewerkers van Lamborghini en Nissan.

Op 7 en 8 maart verzorgt TWNKLS een Hololens en Google Tango workshop waar je kunt ervaren hoe het is om virtuele objecten in de echte wereld te plaatsen.

Wil je ook je bedrijfsprocessen verbeteren, verkoop verhogen en kennisoverdracht versnellen? Je bent van harte welkom op onze stand, nr 206. Vraag een gratis toegangskaart voor Virtual Revolution aan via deze link.


Locatie: NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven

Openingstijden: 9.30 – 17.00 uur

Gelijktijdig met RapidPro 2017, Europa’s grootste beurs over 3D printing en prototyping

Wemo Hololens application

TWNKLS at Emerce Dare 2016




On the last day of November Emerce held the first edition of Dare, a conference for creative professionals in Holland that caters to designers and developers from a variety of fields.

Speakers included Frog Design, Fabrique, Momkai and our own Marnix Kickert. He gave a talk on designing for augmented reality, with special attention to designing for wearables such as Hololens. Augmented reality is one of the most exciting challenges facing designers today, and interest was high. We definitely got an interesting discussion going!

We’d like to thank the people at Emerce for making this possible and we hope to see you next year at Emerce Dare 2017!

The new worker: bridging knowledge and action with augmented reality.



At TWNKLS we believe that knowledge is the most valuable good we produce. This is especially true in the complex automotive field. Factory workers use their knowledge to build your car, salesmen make information sparkle in order to sell you that car, you’ve had to learn a whole lot of it to even be legally allowed to drive your car and perhaps someday you will teach that skill to someone else.

Knowledge is the fuel for action. It is something that we share, that we acquire, and that we apply. These things are all interconnected. By doing something often you get more skillful, by sharing knowledge you come to new insights, and through both these processes you turn external knowledge into internal, tacit knowledge. Through simple repetition you can turn a complex task like shifting gears into something you do purely from instinct. Read more

Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry 2016

TWNKLS will be present at the two-day Augmented Reality in the Industry 2016 conference in Berlin (November 28 & 29). This conference focuses on the challenges of AR for the driving experience, workshop repair and general use in the automotive industry. This is the second annual conference organized by CTI and brings together experts and decision makers from automotive companies and technology providers.

Gerben Harmsen, CEO of TWNKLS, will give a presentation on the first day of the conference and you can meet TWNKLS at the booth where we present multiple demos. The complete two-day event program can be viewed here.

Dutch police use augmented reality to investigate crime scenes


You’re the first police officer to arrive at the scene: a suspected ecstasy lab. There’s drug paraphernalia everywhere, but which piece of evidence could be most helpful for your investigation? Then, a massive virtual arrow appears, pointing out a bottle of chemicals, accompanied by a note saying: “Bag this please”.

Dutch police are trialling an augmented reality (AR) system that streams video from body cameras worn by officers to experts elsewhere. These experts can then guide the officers by annotating the scene virtually with notes that the officers can see on a smartphone or head-mounted device like Google Glass.
“We now have good enough software and hardware to use augmented reality at crime scenes,” says Dragoş Datcu, principal researcher at AR company Twnkls in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Read more

The largest event dedicated to AR come to Europe


Augmented World Expo (AWE), the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to augmented reality (AR) is coming to Europe October 18-19, 2016 to the bcc Berlin Congress Center in Germany.

Join over 1,500 professionals including a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, and top press in a fantastic opportunity to learn, inspire, partner, and experience first hand the most exciting industry of our times.

Gerben Harmsen, CEO TWNKLS, will give a presentation and will showcase Award winning projects.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Grab tickets now for €350 off of the regular ticket price. Early Bird tickets available until August 31!

ECCV’16 European Conference on Computer Vision Amsterdam


The 14th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) is a premier international conference on research in computer vision. The event consists of workshops, tutorials, demonstrations and exhibits, and provides a forum for expert discussion on recent innovations and applications in these technologies.

•During the days of the main conference (October 11-14), a number of research papers will be presented.
•The workshops (October 8-10, and 16) will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore current research on topics such as Augmented Reality, data, visualization, autonomous driving and others.
•The regular and invited tutorials (held on Saturdays October 8 and 15) will feature topics such as deep learning, computational tools, analysis and more.

In addition, the event will host an exposition of over 100 exhibitors and sponsors that is free for attendees. Read more

Standalone or Wide field-of-view HMD? (HoloLens vs. Meta2)

Categories:General, Technology

July 1, 2016 - Dragos Datcu, Principal Researcher Augmented Reality

Up to date, two of the most promising Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) for Augmented Reality (AR), are Microsoft HoloLens and Meta2. The two (still experimental) optical see-through HMDs have similar appearance and (presumably also similar weights – no full specs available). Several technical characteristics of the two are comparable, yet there are few major differences one has to consider to determine which HMD is more appropriate for a given scenario. Read more

2016 Dutch Interactive Awards nominations


We have been nominated for the 2016 DIA, in the best tools category for our communication and education tool for the Golden Room in the Mauritshuis, which we developed with the Mauritshuis and Shell. Using this app, visitors of the museum can restore the works of the artist Pellegrini, discover a strange white bloom and colour in the works in augmented reality. The award show will be held on the 26th of May and we will then find out if we have been able to capitalise on the nomination.

Four out of seven, DIA PRO

Out of the seven Dutch Interactive Awards that have been held, our CTO Lex van der Sluijs and his team have already received four nominations in four years for their projects, for which he mainly developed computer vision algorithms and software architecture. We are proud that Lex is nominated for a Dutch Interactive Professional Awards for Best in Technology

Pioneering with META


TWNKLS is one of the first companies developing applications for META’s Augmented Reality Glasses. Recently we were featured as one of the META Pioneers with our Augmented Sculpting App: Clay. With clay users can sculpt with their hands to make beautiful augmented reality artworks. Read the complete article over here.

META is counting down to a big announcement of their next generation technology. Robert Scoble got an early demo by META and is really excited about it as well, calling it “the most important demo since Apple Macintosh”.