Social Responsibility

Corporate Philanthropy: Supporting Education

At TWNKLS | Augmented Reality we understand the importance for students to make a well-informed decision when choosing their educational path.

You are looking for a fulfilling career that offers a bright future in which you can create and add value. You want to do things that spark your interest, that are noteworthy and which excite you. You want to meet people that inspire you, from which you can learn and people that are willing to help you advance.

Everyone at TWNKLS has been a student and made the choice to do things that inspire and excite them, and make our eyes “sparkle and twinkle”.

We understand which choices you have to make and the things you have to take into consideration.

TWNKLS reaches out to students in the process of making these choices. By participating in – for example – Night of The Nerds and other events.

We offer internships as well as the opportunity for students to work on their thesis and research. All in order to help you graduate and prepare to enter the job market.

So far TWNKLS has helped many Dutch and international students from institutions like Fontys Hogeschool, STC, Willem de Kooning Academie, GLR, TU Delft, Saksion Hogeschool, University of Eindhoven, and the University of Tilburg.


Our CEO speaking at Nerds on Stage