We believe that mobile applications are the future and AR is part of that future. We therefore concentrate on ‘practical’ mobile applications that create added value for both our customers and the end users. We want Augmented Reality to make a difference.

twnkls | augmented reality (pronounced: twinkles) was founded by Gerben Harmsen and ir. Lex van der Sluijs on April 1st 2011.

We are a full-service AR agency that focuses on the creation, development, production and implementation of mobile AR applications. Our clients are represented in the cultural, retail, edutainment, marketing & branding, construction & industry sectors.

TWNKLS is creative and innovative, and has ample technical knowledge and experience in the area of Augmented Reality. With a team of twelve experienced specialists we are developing new location-and image based recognition technologies that result in new forms of interaction, user experience and business concepts.