AWE USA 2017 was amazing!

From May 31 till June 2, the 8th Augmented World Expo (AWE) took place in Santa Clara, USA. With 4,700 attendees, 351 speakers, 212 exhibitors and 100,000 sqft. of expo this was the biggest AWE ever! During AWE, TWNKLS showcased successful implementations of augmented reality and we held the international unveiling of our STAR Platform: a unique AR Platform designed to let your company benefit from AR in a flexible, future-proof way. 

Our 3 most important take-aways of AWE 2017

  • Augmented Reality is rapidly maturing! As the market grows companies grow with them. It’s great to see that an industry that only a few years ago catered to small niches is growing into a proven value creator for numerous other industries. Boeing for example is using AR in day-to-day production activities. As TWNKLS thrives we feels this industry momentum coming on strongly as well.
  • So many great new devices are coming up. Demonstrations were held by DAQRI, ODG, and Meta of their latest innovations. More immersive displays and more powerful technology means smart glasses are becoming more and more attractive to use in your business. We are very excited to be working with the latest of these innovations!
  • As technology matures, applications mature as well. From the new tracking technologies of Vuforia, Zumoko, and Fraunhofer to unique experiences such as an AR Easter Egg Hunt by AfterNow – augmented reality is used in a huge range of applications from retail to games, and from oil rigs to your living room.

AWE 2017 hardware

Presentations that amazed us;

TWNKLS presentations

Two of our colleagues gave a presentation during AWE; you can watch their sessions now. Daniel van der Schoor gave a presentation on how AR can transform your business. Dragos Datcu gave a presentation on how augmented reality can enhance security. 

Presentation Dragos

TWNKLS finalist for the Auggie Awards

We were selected as a finalist for Best Enterprise Solution with the WEMO Operator System. We didn’t win, sadly, but are very proud to be the only Dutch company to claim our place among the elite of the AR world. 

Read more about AWE 2017.



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