TWNKLS HoloLens workshop @ MaintenanceNEXT

From 11 to 13 April, MaintenanceNEXT 2017 will be the epicentre of the maintenance industry. This industry event will focus on employment, innovation and value creation in maintenance and repair. TWNKLS will be present during this event: the 11th of April we will hold an Operator 2.0 HoloLens and Google Tango workshop where our experts let you experience augmented reality for yourself.

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Operator 2.0

Together with WEMO, specialist in machine building and machine components, TWNKLS created an application for HoloLens which lets an operator run a full production line by himself. WEMO expects to be 35% faster, and to make 90% fewer mistakes. We will hold a do-it-yourself workshop where you can be the operator and experience augmented reality for yourself. You can sign-up to join our workshop.

We are looking forward to meet you and talk to you about our maintenance enabling technology!

 Bezoeker workshop

AR: interaction between humans and knowledge

‘Mastering assets; partnering for performance’ is the theme of this year’s MaintenanceNEXT. Mastering Assets goes a step further than simply ‘managing’ assets. In order to help a client as quickly and efficiently as possible maintenance professionals need full control of the installations. By supporting those employees with advanced technology and relevant AR lets them excel in their field. That is exactly what AR is about: the interaction between humans and knowledge.

Decrease downtime

Using AR can make your workers’ daily work easier and help them solve problems in a quick and efficient way. Let a remote expert see what you are seeing and guide you through the process in a visual, step by step way. All you need is a normal phone or tablet. This method has been proven to not only work more effectively, but can also shorten the time spent solving a problem. Less downtime, less money wasted, happier users.

Practical information workshop

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