Augmented Reality: Enabling the future

The first three parts of our series on augmented reality have showcased current solutions that make Industry 4.0 possible. This final article will focus on how the field of AR will develop in the future. A future made possible by advancing technology and an ever-growing adoption of augmented reality.

The next generation of smart glasses
Most current AR applications are made for a phone or tablet. Smart Glasses will be the next big step forward for these apps. Smart head mounted displays let you look through a clear lens at your work, but can also show augmentations. Google Glass was one of the first, but new devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens or the Meta 2 are in a completely different league. Next-gen Smart Glasses offer an immersive field of view and powerful computing. Because they are mounted to your head they leave your hands free to do whatever you want. You simply control the devices via gestures or your voice. This enables you to do complex maintenance tasks whilst seeing clear instructions superimposed over your work.

First industrial application for Hololens
Industry is the best place to combine the strengths of augmented reality with the potential of Smart Glasses. This year WEMO, specialist in machine building and machine components, rolled out the first industrial application for Hololens: WEMOlens. This app lets a single operator run a full production line in a mobile hands-free way. Traditionally an operator can only control a machine at a single fixed console. But since some production lines can be over 100 meters long the operator loses a lot of time walking around. So instead of forcing you to walk to a console WEMOlens brings everything you need to you.

High-res image WemoLens3

A flexible solution
An operator can use WEMOlens to operate the production line, and view the line status and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data. The application also lets you see and change your production schedule as well as offer a direct remote assistance link to WEMO itself. The app can use IoT sensor data to push information to the user only when he needs it. The result is a flexible solution that lets an operator focus on what he does best: making reliable and high-quality products!

35% faster
WEMO expects to be 35% faster, and to make 90% fewer mistakes by using the Hololens.It serves as the perfect finale for this series on how augmented reality forms the driving force behind Industry 4.0. AR empowers workers via smarter working environments, and lets them focus on creating value in a safe and reliable way. Think of how augmented reality can help your business and join the new Industrial Revolution!

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