A smarter workfloor with Augmented Reality.

Our previous installment showed how training your workers with augmented reality can help them perform quicker with fewer mistakes. This story will be about using AR to make your workers’ daily work easier and help them solve problems in a quick and efficient way.

Augmented measuring
AR can be used to show digital information in a real context. But it can also be used to gain more information about that context, such as accurate real-time measurements.

Leading stairlift manufacturer Royal Otolift wanted to streamline their sales and measuring process that such a complex product requires. With AR technology they are now able to measure stairwells based purely on visual input. Before this was a very specialized process that was notorious for being error-prone and time consuming. With TWNKLS’ proprietary technology Otolift is able to perform an accurate measurement using an iPad, which results in a 3D model of the stairwell – ready for engineers to use! This method isn’t just a lot faster than measuring by hand – it’s a lot more accurate as well. All measurements are accurate to 0.2%.

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Reduces faults
The use of AR offers instant expertise to the user, letting an untrained salesman perform a task that until now had to be done by a certified engineer. The new accurate measurement system reduces faults, gives direct feedback and reduces production lead-time.

Remote assistance
Examples like Otolift show that AR in itself can create a lot of value. But it can also prevent losing it. In industry mistakes happen, and they can be costly. A specialist component that breaks on an oil rig, for example, can result in a shutdown costing millions per day or even a real danger to life and limb. You’d need some expert help right away to minimize losses, but that expertise isn’t always on-site.

Less downtime
Currently this support is often given by a complicated system of emails and helpdesks, which waste the user’s time and the manufacturer’s money. Remote Assistance offers a visual way of helping to solve a problem. Let a remote expert see what you are seeing and guide you through the process in a visual, step by step way. All you need is a consumer device. This method has been proven to not only work more effectively, but can also shorten the time spent solving a problem. Less downtime, less money wasted, happier users.

In this series we’ve learned wat AR can do for Training & Instruction, Measure & Visualization and Maintenance & Repair. In our final installment you will see how all these fields come together to form the future and present of AR for Industry 4.0. So be sure to read the next story!

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