Augmented Training: learn while doing

As we learned in our first publication augmented reality lets you share information in a clear, concise, and contextual way. This makes it ideal for training purposes. In this installment we will show you how AR training can be used to cut assembly times by almost a third while reducing on-the-job mistakes by over 90%. AR is the key to a smarter operator that always gets it first-time-right.

Gap between learning and doing
To do a job well you need to know how to do it. We were all new once and we all had to learn. You spend a lot of money training your workers, but you spend even more money fixing the mistakes made by those that didn’t learn it well. Mistakes are examples of the gap between learning and doing. We learn from a book, a teacher, or a course, and then later we apply that to what we want to do. We alternate our attention between taking in knowledge and using it. In between a lot is lost in interpretation or in bad memory. This is especially true for complex, rare, and unique tasks; the ones you simply can’t train for. This gap wastes time, creates mistakes, and burns efficiency.

Instant Expertise
Augmented Reality closes this gap. It takes the frustration out of learning by showing your information directly onto what you’re doing. By using rich visualizations something as complex as this injection pump becomes a logical machine. You can see what each part is, or what the operating principles are. AR makes these normally hidden processes visible in a very clear way and offers you instant expertise. All you need to do is to point your tablet at what you want to know.



On the job training
The gains are even bigger with more complex tasks. In a test with Boeing untrained laborers had to assemble aircraft parts, assisted by either Augmented Reality or written instructions. The group that used AR performed their task 30% faster and with 96% less errors than the other group. Because of this TWNKLS is currently working together with DAF Trucks to apply these lessons to DAF’s own processes.

Augmented training
Augmented Reality lets you train and learn on the job, and lets you build experience where you need it. It makes for a happier worker that is trained faster and performs better. Our next installments will go deeper into the value of AR for Measure & Visualization and Maintenance & Repair situations. So be sure to read the next story!


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