Technology Expo 2015


A rainy start of October was the backdrop of the first ever Technology Expo in London (URL). The event has a broad focus, with tracks for emerging technology, augmented reality technology and contextual technology. We at TWNKLS of course love new initiatives and thus not only backed the event as Gold Sponsor but also had a strong presence with a stand showcasing our latest solutions and a few keynotes on augmented enterprise solutions and about the future of AR in terms of tech and user.

Of course the other players in the AR world were there as well, with interesting new SDKs being rolled out by Kudan and Engine Creative, as well as of course HP Aurasma. That combined with what Catchoom and AR Media offer makes for a varied choice for developers. It was interesting to see some nice combinations being made between AR and VR, such as what Draw & Code made.
The trend definitely seems to be towards integrating experiences, both in traditional AR driven by brand message as well as full entertainment installations.

There was also an impressive amount of lectures from interesting speakers from both within and outside the industry. Ones that stood out were the very comprehensive talk by Juniper Research’s Steffen Sorrell, as well as the defense tech insights given by BAE’s Nick Colosimo.

All in all we have taken away a lot of new inspiration from some dynamic days in London. And lest we forget: we at TWNKLS of course extend our congratulations to the award winners!

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