Imagine what you can do with it? look what we have done so far!


The cross-platform ARToolKit SDK empowers programmers to develop augmented reality applications. With an open source pedigree dating back to 2001, ARToolKit has been deployed in thousands of commercial and open-source projects and enjoys a large, expert community of creative and innovative developers. Recently DAQRI acquired ARToolworks.

Take a look at some of our success cases using ARToolKit.

Time to look back… Imagine what you can do with it? Well, look what we have done so far!

Weld inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) using AR

Applus+ RTD is global leader in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) setting standards, developing technology and delivering the highest quality service to industry worldwide for more than 75 years. The augmented reality solution takes Non-Destructive Testing technology to the next level as operators are able to observe an image of the defect on the weld itself.

Finalist “Best Enterprise Solution” at Auggie Awards 2014, Santa Clara (USA)

Measuring tool using AR

Otolift isĀ a Dutch company that produces stair lifts which are sold worldwide through a dealer network. The stair lifts are used by elderly and disabled people. In addition to this visualization and configuration tool TWNKLS has developed a measurement tool. Measuring a staircase becomes a simple task with this solution, because of the direct (visual) feedback the quality of measurement is improved.

Winner “Best Enterprise Solution” at Auggie Awards 2013, Santa Clara (USA)

Interior Decorator

We felt it was time to innovate the interior design process by providing a tool that can be used by anyone. Explore, simulate, configure and review your interior designs with Decolabs.

Nominated for SpinAwards / Nominated for Dutch Interactive Award / Nominated for Augmented Summit Awards, London.

Multiple markers in low light situations

This augmented reality campaign was rolled out in pubs nationwide in the UK. The J2O Spin2Win app was the first human fruit machine in AR. TWNKLS developedĀ the AR technology that made it possible to make use multiple markers in low light conditions, based on ARToolKit.

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